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LED Construction & Work Lights


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LED work lights, construction and site lights - the perfect lighting for the workshop, home and skilled craft.

The days are getting shorter, the nights longer - but that is no reason to stop working. Construction luminaires provide a portable source of light that can be positioned anywhere. Work lights are not only ideal for use on construction sites or in workshops, but also for renovation work at home, for example for painting.

With the help of the filter function or the brennenstuhl® buying guide, you can easily find the right LED work light for your application.

With the help of the following information, you are guaranteed to find the right LED construction work light: site lights, work lights with tripod, rechargeable construction lights or workshop lights with USB charger


Which LED construction spotlight is suitable for your application?

Construction lights come in a variety of designs. No matter for which use you need a spotlight, be it a work light for the workshop or a robust, reliable LED construction spotlight with rechargeable battery to help you with construction site work.

Work light with rechargeable battery, cable or hybrid technology

In the first step, LED construction spotlights differ according to their mode of operation. There are brennenstuhl® LED construction spotlights with cable, LED construction spotlights with rechargeable battery or LED hybrid spotlights, which can be operated with rechargeable battery or cable. These are the advantages of the different types of LED construction spotlights.

Cable The advantage of LED work lights with mains operation: you are not bound to a battery runtime. A power connection is therefore a prerequisite for the use of LED construction spotlights with cable.

Battery Annoying when work has to be stopped at nightfall due to a lack of power connections or a power failure. A rechargeable construction spotlight makes your work easier even without a power connection.

Hybrid The hybrid technology ensures flexibility, because battery or mains operation is possible as an option. In the event of a power failure, switching from mains to battery is an enormous advantage.


How can you recognise a good LED construction spotlight? The most important buying criteria for construction spotlights and work lights

To find the right brennenstuhl® LED construction spotlight for your purposes, you should pay attention to a few criteria. LED construction spotlights for construction sites meet requirements that make hard manual work easier.

Stability No consideration is given to construction sites - a robust and stable housing of the LED construction spotlight is a prerequisite here.

Brightness The brightness is generally specified in lumens. How many lumens a construction spotlight should have depends on the intended use.

Cable quality To find the right cable for your application, we recommend this article from the selection of themes. For example, an RN cable is flexible due to its rubber-neoprene cable sheathing and is suitable for use outdoors as well as on the construction site.

Battery type Lithium-ion batteries are known to be the most powerful batteries and convince with their longevity. Furthermore, thanks to the latest battery technology, you benefit from low self-discharge.

Battery power The battery of the LED construction spotlight should have sufficient capacity to operate for several hours.

Switching levels The full light output of the construction spotlight is not always absolutely necessary. With the help of switching levels, you can not only individually adjust the brightness level, but at the same time extend the output of the construction site floodlight.

IP protection type In order to allow for smooth operation of the working light on the construction site, protection type IP44 is recommended. This protection stands for “foreign-body- and splash water-protected”. For information on other IP protection types, we recommend this article in the selection of themes.


Types of LED construction lights and workshop lamps

In addition to the differentiation of the operating mode between battery, mains or hybrid, there are also brennenstuhl® LED construction spotlights that have been optimised for special applications - whether in their shape, design or with special functions.

Robust construction site lights

LED construction site spotlights and work spotlights must convince above all with efficiency, stability and durability. Pay attention to properties such as luminous flux, IP protection class and IK protection class.

360-degree LED work light

For many jobs in the trades, for example in the workshop or for painters, optimal illumination of the working environment is absolutely essential. Thanks to its special design, a 360-degree LED spotlight has a 360° beam angle and thus provides homogeneous all-round lighting in all directions.

Compact LED work lights and workshop lamps

Compact rechargeable LED work lamps provide more flexibility during transport. The often small work lamps nevertheless fulfil valuable characteristics of LED construction lights such as stability and brightness - at the same time they fit practically in every drawer or even in the tool box.

Special workshop lamps with CRI 95

Especially for painters or varnishers in workshops, there are brennenstuhl® CRI work lights. The high CRI value and the setting of different light temperatures enable the presentation of individual and optimal lighting conditions. These functions are essential when painting, polishing or varnishing, e.g. when matching colours, for the precise assessment of colour quality or the detection of paint defects.

brennenstuhl® Multi Battery 18V System

The brennenstuhl® Multi Battery 18V System is technology that enables compatibility with five 18V battery systems: Bosch Professional, Metabo CAS, Makita, Dewalt and Milwaukee. The interface between the Multi Battery construction spotlight and the battery is the four adapters.

brennenstuhl® construction work light for the Bosch Professional 18V System

brennenstuhl® is an official partner of the Bosch Professional 18V System, one of the leading battery systems for craftsmen. The brennenstuhl® construction spotlight for the Bosch Professional 18V System is characterised by its compatibility for all Bosch Professional 18V rechargeable batteries since 2008. The construction spotlight can be operated with 18V Li-Ion GBA and ProCORE18V batteries from the Bosch Professional range.


Are there LED spotlights without cables? Battery-powered construction spotlights and battery-powered work lights from brennenstuhl®

A cable that is too long on an LED spotlight can be both annoying and a nasty tripping hazard. Especially on construction sites, flexible illumination and above all a reliable and robust construction spotlight is a fundamental requirement. A battery-powered construction site floodlight is the solution.


LED work light with tripod

Mobile LED spotlights are suitable for the construction site, whether battery-operated or mains-powered. Depending on the construction site work, very good illumination is particularly important. For this very reason, many brennenstuhl® LED spotlights can be mounted on a tripod with the appropriate accessories. Or opt directly for an LED construction spotlight with tripod.

brennenstuhl® LED construction spotlight with tripod

An LED construction spotlight with a tripod has advantages over a mobile LED spotlight with a stand. Especially on construction sites, house building or renovation, the spotlight can be easily adjusted to the required working height on the tripod. The various tripods can be adjusted to different heights. Depending on the maximum stand height, the foot length and foot spacing of the respective tripod are greater, thus ensuring an extremely stable stand. The three legs ensure a secure stand.

brennenstuhl® offers tripods with a single LED construction spotlight and double tripods on which two LED spotlights are mounted. The tripod spotlights can be infinitely swivelled and locked, which allows for homogeneous illumination of large areas or can illuminate a central spot twice as brightly. All construction spotlights with tripod at a glance.

Tripods without LED construction spotlights

brennenstuhl® also offers individual tripods without LED construction spotlights, which are compatible with the various LED spotlights or product lines. Please note that not all LED spotlights can be mounted on all stands.


How many lumens should a work light have?

The brightness or luminous flux, i.e. the indication of how much light the LED emits in all directions, is generally given in lumens (lm). The higher the luminous flux for the same power (watt), the brighter the light source.

How many lumens a construction spotlight should have depends on the intended use.


Which light colour for work lights?

Light colour is the colour temperature (Kelvin). The colour temperature indicates where the light colour of the LED spotlight lies in the spectrum from yellowish-warm to bluish-cool. A distinction is made between three light colours: Warm white, neutral white and daylight white.

For working light, a pleasant, daylight white light colour is recommended - i.e. a colour temperature from 5000 Kelvin.