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Appliances for the home & workshop

brennenstuhl® devices for home & workshop support you around the house.

A workplace equipped with expert tools, suitable machines and powerful electrical appliances is worth its weight in gold. After all, professional equipment also ensures little frustration at work and good results.

Our portfolio includes electric engravers for household and hobby up to testing, measuring and searching devices for workshop, home and garden.

Test and measuring equipment for household and workshop

Moisture meter for wood or building materials

The brennenstuhl® Moisture Detector MD enables quick and easy determination of moisture in various materials.
A moisture meter helps to check the moisture content of wood, e.g. firewood or wood used as building material. Only surfaces can be measured with the moisture meter.

brennenstuhl® Moisture Detector MDHow does the brennenstuhl® Moisture Detector work?

Remove the protective cap and place it on the bottom of the unit. This also prevents it from getting lost.
Insert the measuring tips into the material to be checked (e.g. wood) and read the value in the display window. In addition, an acoustic signal sounds.

The display is shown on a large LCD display.
The moisture meter can also be used in places that are difficult to access and the result can be read in peace. Thanks to the practical "Hold" function, the result is stored in the screen after pressing the "Hold" button.
The result is also clear acoustically: the higher the tone, the higher the moisture content.

The appliance switches off automatically three minutes after the last use.

Burst pipe? Water damage? Finding a leak in the wall with the brennenstuhl® moisture meter

Place the measuring tips of the moisture meter on the surface to be checked.
Take a measurement and read the value in the display window. Repeat this process in different places. If the readings become higher, approach the leak.
If the values do not increase any further, you have probably found the spot with the leak.


Voltage tester and phase tester

The small and handy electronic multitester from brennenstuhl® is ideal for the non-contact detection of cables with AC voltage. In addition, the voltage tester allows for political tests, e.g. on batteries.

Before each use of the device, a self-test must be carried out to ensure correct functioning.


brennenstuhl® Signograph

brennenstuhl® Signograph

The brennenstuhl® Signograph is a powerful engraving device with 25 watts and is suitable for engraving a wide variety of materials. It enables easy engraving on iron, steel, glass, non-ferrous metal, stone, ceramics, plastic, wood, etc.

The brennenstuhl® Signograph is reliable and "Made in Germany". The modelling pins and gravers are available as accessories.



brennenstuhl® work trestle

brennenstuhl® trestles are ideal for versatile use around the house. Whether it's a work trestle, wallpapering trestle or sawing trestle, with brennenstuhl® you will find the right work trestle for every application.

brennenstuhl® work trestle

Telescopic work trestle height adjustable

A telescopic work trestle is height-adjustable and can thus be adjusted to the ideal working height.

The height-adjustable brennenstuhl® telescopic work trestle MB 160 H locks securely into the stable bolts and also prevents work material from slipping sideways thanks to fold-out snap-in hooks.

Work trestle steel

The brennenstuhl® steel work trestle MB 110 of sturdy and stable steel square tube has an impact and scratch-resistant plastic coating. It can also be folded to save space and thus also simplifies transport.