See and be seen – this is the motto of our LED headlight

Outdoor activities often take place at dusk or even in darkness in the autumn and winter months. So stock up on the right headlight to make sure that you’re well prepared. A headlamp not only ensures a clear view, but also guarantees your safety and keeps your hands free at the same time.

Headlights – worth recommending to all the fans of the outdoors

Whether it’s for jogging, walking, climbing or even cycling – with the extremely light and powerful LED headlights by brennenstuhl® you are ideally equipped for anything.

Discover the benefits of an LED headlight

  • see and be seen better thanks to the LED headlamp
  • detect and therefore avoid trip hazards early on
  • clear view with free hands
  • headlight with red light protects from night blindness

Opt for the right headlight depending on its usage


Brennenstuhl LED headlamp LuxPremium / light LED headlight with a bright front light, ideal for jogging (IP44, incl. batteries) black

  • Includes 2x AA batteries
  • Switch with functions: 100 % – 20 % – SOS
  • Luminous range: 40 m
  • Minimum burn time: 10 h
  • Maximum burn time: 35 h
  • Lumens: 100 lm
  • Weight: 0.062 kg

Thanks to its light weight and wearing comfort, the compact headlight is ideally suited to running. Whether for jogging, hiking or dog walking, with this headlight you are ideally equipped.

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Brennenstuhl LED headlamp LuxPremium / LED headlight with front and rear light, ideal for jogging (IP44, with CREE-LED, incl. batteries) black

  • Includes 3x AA batteries
  • Switch with functions, front: 40 % – 100 % back: 100 % and red flashing light at the back – SOS
  • Luminous range: 100 m
  • Minimum burn time: 4 h
  • Maximum burn time: 16 h
  • Lumens: 200 lm
  • Weight: 0.214 kg

With the additional band running over the head, the headlight is ideal for various types of assembly and construction work, but also for longer outdoor activities like hiking. Thanks to the front and rear light and the SOS function, the headlight proves to be a reliable tool.

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Brennenstuhl rechargeable LED headlamp LuxPremium / LED headlight with exchangeable battery and red light (IP44, CREE-LED, max. burn time 30 h, incl. USB cable) black

  • Includes lithium-ion battery
  • Switch with functions, front: 100%, 50%, 10% and SOS – back: red and red flash
  • Luminous range: 100 m
  • Minimum burn time: 5 h
  • Maximum burn time: 30 h
  • Lumens: 250 lm
  • Weight: 0.195 kg

Nothing is more powerful – the rechargeable high-power headlight with red light is not only extremely bright, but also shines far and lasts long. Those who regularly move around in the dark or even carry out daily work in the dark can be safe with this headlight.

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