JARO – Latest LED technology for light around the house

The LED floodlights of the new series JARO impress with their ultra-bright, strong light and solid aluminium housing.The sophisticated features of the various varieties of LED floodlights leave nothing to be desired and ensure excellent visibility at each place of use.

JARO - From high beam for house and garden and rechargeable construction floodlights to powerful LED floodlights with tripod.

  • Solid, modern aluminium housing
  • Ergonomically shaped plastic handle
  • Robust steel tubular frame with protective plastic corners
  • Continuously adjustable and lockable with one hand by means of a quick-release fastener
  • LED floodlight with ultra-bright Everlight SMD LEDs
Mobile rechargeable LED floodlight JARO

Mobile rechargeable LED floodlight JARO

Choose one variant:

LED floodlight for wall installation

The LED floodlights of the new series with ultra-bright OSRAM SMD-LEDs give your entrance area, your courtyard entrance or even your terrace a warm and atmospheric light colour (3000 K) which has soft yellow and orange tones. The installed LEDs meet the latest LED technology - this not only ensures a modern light, but also that you save a great amount of energy costs.

A wall floodlight that meets the latest LED technology.

  • With ultra-bright OSRAM SMD-LEDs
  • Front screen made of safety glass
  • Easy assembly thanks to water-tight connection terminal
  • Motion detector can be swivelled horizontally and vertically
  • Solid, modern aluminium housing