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Extension leads


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Brennenstuhl extension lead since 1984 - How to find the perfect multiple extension sockets or power strip

brennenstuhl® has decades of experience in the field of extension leads and power distribution. The first brennenstuhl® extension lead was created in 1984 - Since then, brennenstuhl® extension leads have been convincing above all with their quality and safety.

brennenstuhl® extension leads are available with an illuminated on/off switch, increased contact protection, with USB, surge protection, for wall mount or many other features. Already in the developing process, brennenstuhl® sets priority on the quality and safety of the products.

There are significant differences in extension leads - depending on the application, power strips require extra features such as multiple sockets with USB, with surge protection, with main-follow function or they are wall mountable.

We will help you find the right Brennenstuhl extension lead that meets your requirements


Why do I need an extension lead?

A multiple power strip is needed when you do not have enough wall sockets available or within reach. An extension lead, also known as a extension cord or power strip, provides several electrical devices with standardised plug connections with a connection to the mains. This makes it possible to flexibly supply several electrical devices with power at the same time.

brennenstuhl® offers extension leads for almost every application. From the common 3-way power strip to the sophisticated high-tech extension lead with surge protection, automatic function and other intelligent features, brennenstuhl® extension leads meet the most diverse requirements. brennenstuhl® power strips are available with illuminated on/off switch, increased touch protection, with USB charger, surge protection, main-follow function and many other features.

There are different types of multiple socket outlets and brennenstuhl® offers a large selection of functionality. We will show you how to find the perfectly suitable extension lead for your needs.


What types of extension leads are there?

Extension lead with on/off switchbrennenstuhl® extension lead multiple switches

Extension leads with illuminated on/off switches are available in various designs. The classic version is the extension lead with one illuminated on/off switch that supplies power to all sockets simultaneously or disconnects them from the mains. A 2-pole switch disconnects or closes the live wires.

In addition, there are extension leads with hand/foot switches. Multiple plugs with an external switch are ideal if the power strips are in hard-to-reach places, for example under the sofa or behind the cupboard. However, the switch with extra cable means that the socket outlets can still be conveniently switched.

Extension lead with individual switches

There are also extension leads with several switches to individually supply power to sockets.

Individually switchable extension leads enable electrical appliances to be switched on and off individually without interrupting the complete power supply of the other electrical appliances plugged in.

Wireless extension leads

With radio-controlled socket strips, the plugged-in devices can be conveniently controlled by remote control or app. Thanks to intelligent radio control, you can connect all the devices you want up to 3,500 W to the radio-controlled power strip and operate them from the comfort of your couch. Of course, the power strips can also be switched manually and independently of the remote control or app.

USB extension lead
brennenstuhl® USB extension lead

Power strips with a USB charger enable to charge electronic devices such as smartphones or cameras via the USB sockets. The USB charging function for brennenstuhl® extension leads is available with a maximum total charging current of 2.1 A or 3.1 A.

Charging devices even faster is possible with the technology for fast charging: Power Delivery. With Power Delivery technology, connected devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets are charged up to 70% faster. Thereby, the USB charging cable connection type C is used.

USB charging station

The brennenstuhl®estilo USB charging stations with multiple sockets are extremely practical for convenient charging of notebook, smartphone or tablet, for example on the sofa or bed. Due to their compact form, the multiple extension leads are also ideal for on the go or as a multiple charger when travelling.

Surge protected extension lead

Surge protection pays off. Lightning strikes can cause overvoltages in power, telephone or antenna lines. Extension leads with surge protection can reduce voltage peaks so that the connected devices are not damaged. Avoid damage to your electrical appliances by using surge protection products!

Wall mountable extension leadbrennenstuhl® wall mountable extension lead

The wall-mountable power strips make it easy to keep things tidy and also eliminate annoying cable chaos and possible tripping hazards. Various brennenstuhl® extension leads are equipped with screw holes for optimum fastening of multiple sockets. Alternatively, the extension leads can also be fastened very well with cable ties.

19 inch extension lead

brennenstuhl® has high-quality extension leads with 19" or 10" format. These extension leads for control cabinet technology in industrial quality are suitable for installation in network or server cabinets where the inch format is used.

The multiple socket outlets in inch format have been specially designed for IT racks and protect the valuable technology of server cabinets, for example with overvoltage protection and mains filters.

Desktop extension lead
brennenstuhl® desktop extension lead

Even more space and order on the desk is created by extension leads for the desk, which are available for mounting or installation.

A practical feature of retractable socket outlets for installation in tabletops or work surfaces is that the extension lead can be retracted and extended as required.

Cube oder Tower extension lead

This type of brennenstuhl® extension lead in a practical, square shape allows access to the power source from all sides. Placed centrally on the table, this is a practical feature especially when a partner, family member or colleague is still at the table together.

The brennenstuhl® socket tower with USB has a non-slip design on the underside. This means that the socket tower stands stably on the table. The brennenstuhl® Alea socket cube is available with or without USB, it can be firmly installed with the table by screwing on the holder provided.

brennenstuhl®estilo corner extension lead
brennenstuhl® corner socket

The brennenstuhl®estilo corner extension lead can be used in many ways, for example as a kitchen socket strip. Thanks to its special shape, it can be mounted horizontally in corners or vertically on the worktop on the wall.

The multiple socket for the kitchen, office or other places of use can be easily attached to work surfaces and walls with special adhesive pads. This means that no drilling is necessary for attachment.

Main Follow extension lead

Master-slave extension leads are also available from brennenstuhl® - brennenstuhl® designates the technology Main-Follow.

These power strips have a practical automatic switching system that helps save electricity and provides more convenience.

Master-Slave is now Main-Follow - the function is the same!

If the device connected in the Main-socket is switched on, all units in the Follow-sockets are automatically activated. When no more current flows through the Main-socket, the Follow-sockets are automatically switched off.

Outdoor extension leadbrennenstuhl® Outdoor extension lead

Outdoor extension leads have at least IP44 protection. An outdoor extension lead should have dust and splash-proof sockets with sealing ring and self-closing hinged covers to protect against dirt or water.

brennenstuhl®Connect smart extension leads

The smart home brennenstuhl®Connect offers several smart sockets. The smart extension lead can be installed via WiFi through the router and then operated via app or voice assistant.

The 3-way brennenstuhl®Connect Ecolor WiFi extension lead has also been awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020.


USB extension lead

Extension lead with USB charger

Power strips with a USB charger offer the possibility of charging end devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras and many more directly at the power strip with USB charger.

The USB charging function with a type A connection for power strips is available with a maximum total charging current of 2.1 A or 3.1 A.

Extension leads with quick charging

Charging devices even faster is possible with the technology for fast charging: Power Delivery. With Power Delivery, various battery-powered devices can be safely charged within a short time via a USB charging interface from the Type C connection, regardless of the manufacturer. With the Power Delivery technology for fast charging of batteries, connected end devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets are charged up to 70% faster.

Can I charge my USB device with Power Delivery?

Whether you want to charge your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or laptop, if the device has Power Delivery technology, it can be charged via Type C with PD. More information on USB fast charging with Power Delivery and charger type C is available in the brennenstuhl® selection of themes.


Surge protected extension lead

Extension leads can provide protection against various types of leakage currents. These can occur due to lightning strikes or overvoltages. The protection is limited to a certain amperage in each case. The higher the selected amperage, the higher the maximum surge protection offered by the extension lead.

What are surges?

Surges are all overvoltages that exceed the limit value of the mains voltage for a short time. Without effective surge protection, the overvoltages destroy sensitive electronic components in the circuits of the connected devices.

What does surge protection mean for extension leads?

Protection against overvoltages and electromagnetic current peaks can be achieved by using surge protection extension leads, which are used between the power supply (socket) and the device. These ensure that dangerous overvoltages are diverted within fractions of a second and thus protect the devices plugged in.

What are the benefits of surge protection?

There are various reasons why a surge protection product is worthwhile. The financial damage and annoyance is great afterwards when expensive electrical appliances such as televisions, computers or kitchen machines are damaged by lightning strikes and surges. To avoid these surges, a surge protector can reduce voltage peaks to a level that is not dangerous for the end device.

How much surge protection is needed?

The maximum surge current for surge protection extension leads indicates how much current can be discharged without destroying the protective device. The higher the value, the more smaller overvoltage peaks the extension leads with surge protection can absorb without damaging connected devices.

When do I need surge protection?

The most dangerous causes are very high voltage peaks triggered by indirect lightning. Power surges also enter the power grid through indirect lightning in enormous current strengths or reach computer systems, video and hi-fi equipment via the telephone and antenna lines and destroy these devices without appropriate protection. If you want to protect your electrical devices from damage or destruction by high voltage peaks, it is better to connect them to an extension lead with surge protection.

Further questions about surge protection extension leads are also answered in the brennenstuhl® world of themes.


What do you have to look out for when shopping an extension lead?

In order to find the right extension lead, you can ask yourself a few questions before purchasing:

Which plugs for extension leads? Is a space-saving flat plug needed if the multiple socket is plugged in behind furniture, for example, or does a practical angled plug fit the requirements better.

What types of socket? Multiple socket strips can contain sockets for different types of plugs, for example USB chargers, Euro plugs or earthed plugs. It is important to pay attention to the increased protection against accidental contact for socket outlets.

How many sockets for multiple socket outlets? Common multiple socket outlets are 3-way, 8-way or 10-way power strips. brennenstuhl® extension leads are available with 2 or more sockets and up to 16 sockets.

How should extension leads be arranged? The socket arrangement can also be important. If you choose a 90° arrangement, for example, you can easily plug in large plugs or angled plugs without blocking other socket positions. There are also extra brennenstuhl® extension leads with an extra large distance between sockets.

How long must the extension lead cable be? To ensure that the extension lead is long enough for every application, there are power strips with different cable lengths from 1.5m or 3m up to 5m.

Cable quality for power strips? With brennenstuhl® extension leads we use a high-quality cable.

What additional functions does my extension lead need? Are switches needed? Do appearance and design play an important role? Is a higher IP protection class required for outdoor use? Is surge protection worthwhile?

Do socket outlets need increased protection against accidental contact? Of course, safety comes first and foremost, which is why increased contact protection for socket outlets is always worthwhile.

Industrial extension leads with personal protection? An PRCD serves as mobile protection against electrical accidents between the socket and the appliance. It disconnects the active conductors from the mains at lightning speed as soon as residual currents occur.

IP protection class for extension leads? The IP44 protection rating indicates that the device is protected against foreign bodies and splashing water and that the extension lead is therefore suitable for outdoor use.

IP = International Protection

4 = (first digit) Protection against solid foreign bodies

4 = (second digit Protection against water


Frequently asked questions: Extension leads

What does increased contact protection for extension leads mean?

Increased contact protection on extension leads serves as a protective mechanism on socket outlets. The contact protection used in brennenstuhl® extension leads is based on the use of plastic sliders which close the openings to the contacts of the socket.

What should I pay attention to when plugging in extension leads?

It is easy to carelessly connect different devices to a power strip without paying attention to the maximum load capacity. If you carelessly connect several devices to one extension lead without paying attention to the total power, you will quickly overload the extension lead.

How many devices can I connect to one extension lead?

That depends on the power limit of the extension lead, which is indicated on the rating plate, for example. Usually, the maximum load capacity for extension leads is about 3,500 watts. However, what sounds like a lot is quickly consumed. Three devices are enough to fully utilise the power of the extension lead.

Can a extension lead burn?

When an extension lead is overloaded, it can heat up enormously. This can cause a "smouldering fire". A smouldering fire means that there are no visible flames at first. This makes it all the more dangerous because it is not easy to detect. Dust or other flammable materials can then cause a flame fire to start and spread until the surrounding area catches fire.

Can extension leads be plugged in one after the other?

In general, you must not plug in several extension leads one after the other. This is even indicated on the extension lead with a warning "do not plug in one after the other". The reason for this is the increased risk of overloading the extension lead.


brennenstuhl® is Brand of the Century for the extension lead

The ZEIT publishing group declares brennenstuhl® "Brand of the Century". The "German Standards - Brands of the Century" are among the oldest awards in Germany. brennenstuhl® was honoured for its unique position in the category "The extension lead".

Brand of the century - brennenstuhl® extension leads   

The entire extension lead range from brennenstuhl®

  • Premium-Protect-Line
    The Premium-Protect-Line "Made in Austria" high-end surge protection extension lead has many other high-quality and practical components in addition to a high-quality surge protection with function display. The Premium-Protect-Line extension lead protects your devices from disturbances in the power circuit such as surges or indirect lightning strikes. Thanks to the integrated filter, the multiple plug also offers high-quality protection against high-frequency interference.
  • Premium-Alu-Line
    The Premium-Alu-Line extension lead impresses with its quality and safety "Made in Austria". The multiple plugs are ideal for office, industry, trade, private around PC, printer, modem, etc.. Not only does it have increased protection against accidental contact, it also has a sturdy aluminium housing with an insensitive, matt anodised surface.
  • Premium-Line
    The Premium-Line with its aesthetic, durable plastic or aluminium housing also impresses with its "Made in Austria" quality. The extension lead is ideal for conveniently connecting IT/video and audio systems to several devices. Its elegant and sturdy housing is made of highly break-resistant special plastic.
  • brennenstuhl®estilo
    The exclusive design of the brennenstuhl®estilo extension leads immediately catches the eye. The corner socket is an extension lead with USB connections, protective contact and Euro sockets. This means it can be used practically anywhere, in the office, living room or kitchen. In the living room, the sofa socket strip is also very practical. The USB charging stations are not only eye-catchers at home, they are also perfect travel companions and fit in every pocket.
  • Super Solid Line
    The Super Solid is a very stable extension lead made of break-proof polycarbonate. The cable inlet opposite the switch makes this extension lead particularly easy to operate, for example under a table. A larger distance between the sockets also means that you can use mains adapters. The power strip is suitable for mounting with a suspension device.
  • hugo!
    The hugo! extension lead has a high-quality overvoltage protection with function display. Its shapely and stable housing made of polished, highly break-resistant polycarbonate is modern and timeless. The beautifully designed hugo! surge protection extension lead protects valuable devices from overvoltages.
  • Bremounta
    The Bremounta not only offers increased protection against accidental contact, but also impresses with its stylish design. Thanks to the screw holes, it offers optimal mounting options, e.g. for easy wall mounting. The arrangement of the sockets at a 90° angle makes it possible to connect angled plugs.
  • Secure-Tec
    The Secure Tec overvoltage protection extension lead protects valuable equipment from overvoltage. The multiple socket outlet with function display for overvoltage protection offers socket outlets with increased protection against accidental contact arranged at a 45° angle.
  • Ecolor 
    The Ecolor extension lead is not only distinguished by its polished surface. The sockets arranged at 45° are ideal for angled plugs. The elegant, slim, timeless and high-quality design enhances the visual value of this extension lead.
  • Comfort Line
    The Comfort Line has sockets arranged at a 90° angle and is therefore ideal for angled plugs. Thanks to the screw holes, the extension lead can easily be permanently mounted, e.g. on the wall. The multiple socket strip also includes a practical and space-saving flat plug.
  • Primera Line
    The Primera Line is a designer extension lead with clever features. It is particularly practical because of its variable cable outlet on both sides. The Primera Line also has fastening eyelets for wall mounting. It is available with protective contact sockets in 45° or 90° arrangement.
  • Alu-Office-Line
    The brennenstuhl® "Made in Austria" Alu-Office-Line extension leads are suitable for connecting devices directly on the desk. The desk socket strip counteracts cable chaos on the desk. Plugged-in cables are practically routed directly behind the extension lead and fixed in place by a rail. The Alu-Office-Line has a aluminium housing with a robust, matt anodised surface.
  • Alu-Line
    The Alu-Line extension leads for network and server cabinets impress with their quality and safety in all areas and are ideal for installation in 19" or 10" network or server cabinets. The multiple plugs are available in installation size with additional features such as overvoltage protection, automatic circuit breaker or with C14 IEC plugs and C13 IEC sockets especially for the IT sector.
  • Eco-Line
    The standard extension lead is available in attractive colours and outstanding quality. Thanks to the diagonally arranged sockets, the Eco-Line multiple socket strip enables the connection of devices with angled plugs. The extension lead version with overvoltage protection protects valuable equipment from overvoltage.
  • Desktop Power
    The Desktop-Power extension lead is indispensable for every computer desk. Ideal for connecting a notebook, for example. Here you have USB connections in the form of a USB hub or USB charger within easy reach at the same time.
  • Tower Power
    The Tower Power with its sturdy aluminium housing is a retractable table socket strip for permanent installation. The built-in extension lead is inconspicuously inserted into the table surface and thus optimally complements the workplace, the kitchen or the home workshop. The slim design can be completely lowered into the tabletop. Also available as a version with USB charger or LAN connection.