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Flashlight with STROBE and SOS

Powerful LED flashlights that provide for protection & security

The ideal companion for all security and rescue services at night

Our ultra-strong LED flashlights with a resistant and high-quality aluminium housing and a practical strap are highly suitable for professional emergency forces. Whether police, the fire brigade or security, with these LED powerpacks one is guaranteed to be excellently equipped for every deployment.Thanks to the special type of LED – namely a CREE LED – there are many advantages that benefit one in the darkness:

CREE provides for high brightness, a long lifespan and a pleasant light. With CREE LED flashlights, the power consumption is considerably lower than with previous LED flashlights. This means that the use duration of CREE-powered lights is considerably longer. The lifespan of the CREE LED is unsurpassable. The burn time amounts to a whopping 50,000 hours – that would correspond to 5.7 years in the event of daily, uninterrupted use of the flashlight. Thus, a significant improvement is achieved in this aspect as well in comparison to traditional LEDs.

Flashlight with STROBE and SOS

A third, very important advantage is the pleasant and, at the same time, powerful warm white light. This is perfect for outdoors, especially for rescue or security services.

In addition to the LED used, our LuxPremium flashlights also offer other comprehensive features that should definitely not be missing when it comes to protection & security:

  • SOS mode: In this mode, SOS signals can be issued using Morse code. This means that the flashlight illuminates precisely so that the illumination produces an “S-O-S” (3x short, 3x long, 3x short) in Morse code. Thus, using this rescuing function, signals can be sent in threatening and dangerous situations.
  • Strobe mode: “Strobe” is an irritating glare effect, a consequence of flashes of light issued at intervals. This thus produces the effect that your counterpart or adversary loses his bearings and cannot even recognise you precisely.

Whether for police, the fire brigade or other emergency and rescue forces  – with the powerful and robust LED flashlights from brennenstuhl®, everyone is guaranteed to be excellently equipped for the next deployment!