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WiFi extension leads with backward compatibility

It is easy to set up the intelligent WiFi sockets of brennenstuhl®Connect with the free app. Furthermore, the process of "learning" the WLAN adapters is very fast. The smart WiFi sockets are perfect for getting started with the Smart Home. But even smart home connoisseurs are convinced of the technology of the WiFi sockets, as they enrich the home in no time at all without the need for a central office, e.g. a hub or gateway. Your normal WLAN router is sufficient to integrate a smart WiFi socket into your smart home.

The smart sockets support the WLAN standard 2.4 GHz. To integrate the sockets into your own WLAN network, use the free brennenstuhl®Connect App. After connecting to the network, you can control the electrical appliances connected to the sockets via your smartphone or even via voice assistant. The WiFi connectors are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Read in our blog post everything about setting up the remote control and voice operation of brennenstuhl®Connect.

The special technical feature of brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi sockets is the downward compatibility to 433 MHz radio products from brennenstuhl®. If you own a brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi socket with 433 MHz transmitter you have the possibility to integrate other brennenstuhl® radio products with 433 MHz into your Smart Home. This means that the intelligent control of this single WiFi socket allows you to control additional 433 MHz radio sockets depending on it.

Putting a brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi socket into learning mode

You can put a brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi socket into learning mode by pressing and holding the learn button for a few seconds or, in the case of an outdoor socket, by plugging and unplugging it several times. The following graphics show where you can find this button on each individual brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi socket. There are also different feedback signals of the Smart Plug via the LED display.

LED Anzeige brennenstuhl Connect WiFi Steckdosen

brennenstuhl®Connect with 433 MHz transmitter - add 433 MHz radio products

If you have a WiFi socket with a 433 MHz transmitter and have set up with the brennenstuhl®Connect App, you can then enjoy all the benefits of backwards compatibility.

Step 1: In the app, first select the WiFi socket with 433 MHz transmitter and then in the submenu of this socket, select the "+" symbol to add a 433 brennenstuhl® wireless product. Select the product category of your product. Either adapter/socket or a power strip.

Step 2: Put the 433 MHz radio device into learning mode. As soon as the adapter responds, you can complete the learning process in the app with "OK".

Step 3: Via Schaltfläche "On" or "Off" you can now switch the device on or off via the app or, for example, create a timer with Schaltfläche "Schedule".

Abwärts Kompatibilität brennenstuhl Connect WiFi Steckdosen mit Funk