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LED glows after switching off

Many people know the problem - as soon as you switch off the LED lamp, it does not go out completely, but either continues to glow for a few seconds or glows/flashes permanently.

But what can be the reason for LED lamps to glow?

There are generally two causes for this problem: either it is due to the LED illuminant or it is due to the electrical installation.  

This can be easily checked. Switch off the light switch and remove the lamp from its socket. If the LED light continues to glow dimly when it is removed, the cause is due to the luminescent layer used or the LED driver. These two components can store energy and keep the LED lamp lit for some time. If the light goes out immediately, it is not due to the LED lamp, but to the electrical installation.

If the electrical installation is the cause, it may be due to the type of light switch or dimmer. An incorrectly connected switch or unfavourable cable routing can also be responsible for the glowing. If an LED lamp flashes continuously or glows weakly, this does not immediately mean that the LED lamp is consuming more power because it is still lit. In this case, it may also be due to the cables, as these can couple part of the energy and then pass it on to the lamp. This causes the LED light to glow. This process could not be observed with the previous bulb, because a bulb needs much more voltage to glow. An LED lamp already gets along with very little current and very low voltages. If there is even a minimal voltage, it lights up. In this case, the problem of visibility is therefore only due to the sensitive LED lamp. However, this problem can also occur with inferior LEDs.

Dimmable LEDs glow, while non-dimmable LED lights only flash briefly and then go out again. In both cases the voltage applied is minimal.