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High performance LED work lights

Brennenstuhl pushes the lighting area

Skilled craft is high performance - with these words of appreciation, the manufacturer Brennenstuhl, well-known in the field of power distribution, presents its product innovations in the lighting sector. The enduring, efficient and powerful lighting products are designed to support craftsmen in their daily work. The manufacturer uses high-performance athletes to pictorially transport the robust working world of the various trades and crafts to endurance, performance and strength.

With its claim to develop the lighting supply in the craft trades beyond the familiar, Brennenstuhl is not afraid to advance the product range and its own portfolio. The focus is not only on new, high-quality and robust LED work lights, but also on proven product series with new models that are rightfully placed in the campaign - from smart LED construction spotlights and glare-free 360-degree all-round LED spotlights to innovative, compact hand luminaires with a function for controlling the light colour.

The use of the latest, high-quality LED technology, intelligent systems for lighting control and distribution as well as efficient systems for battery and charging technology are constantly applied to the Brennenstuhl lighting products with the highest standards and ever-growing expertise.