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Extension leads for homeoffice

You work from home in your homeoffice and are still looking for the optimal power supply for your desk? With the extension leads specially adapted for office and desk work, brennenstuhl® provides you with the ideal power supply in your homeoffice.

With brennenstuhl® socket strips and extension leads for indoor use, you are perfectly equipped in your home office. To ensure that the power supply at work at home is not only guaranteed, but also practical and stylish, brennenstuhl® relies on proven designs, materials and shapes and, of course, on increased safety through enhanced touch protection. Extremely practical in the home office are integrated USB ports for convenient charging of batteries and devices such as smartphones or tablets while in use. An illuminated on/off switch makes it easy to leave the office at the end of the day.

We advise you which extension lead is ideal for your homeoffice:

brennenstuhl®estilo extension leads

Corner socket strip - mounting without drilling

If you want to have a permanently installed extension lead without having to drill, the brennenstuhl®estilo corner socket strip

is perfect for you. It has a modern, elegant design with a special stainless steel surface. Included in delivery are special adhesive pads for easy fixing vertically on the table or horizontally on the wall.

The brennenstuhl®estilo table and corner socket strip is available in black and white. The multiple plug has two protective contact sockets, two Euro sockets and two USB charging connections.

Textile charging station and sofa extension lead - power within your reach

These two models of the brennenstuhl®estilo series

are not only visually special, but also allow work in the home office from comfortable places - for example from the sofa or couch. With a 3m long cable and flat plug, the extension leads can be plugged in practically behind furniture and then serve as a power source within easy reach.

The sofa extension lead with its special shape is ideal for placement between furniture slots or sofa cushions.

Ecolor extension leads from brennenstuhl®

The modern Ecolor extension lead, optionally with two USB charging connections, and 1.5m long cable has a slim and timeless design. It is available in the colour combinations red/black, white/black and black. The power strip has an illuminated safety switch. The sockets of the extension lead are arranged at a 45° angle.

There is no need to hide an Ecolor extension lead under the desk. Especially the polished surface is an eye-catcher.

The ideal power supply for the desk with brennenstuhl® Alu-Office-Line and Premium-Office-Line


The Alu-Office Line extension leads from brennenstuhl® are optionally available with USB charging connections. You also have the choice of a table socket strip with or without surge protection. The multiple plugs of the product line are Made in Germany. The Alu-Office-Line is made of aluminium with an insensitive, matt anodised surface and has a well thought-out cable routing on the housing. All sockets are in a practical arrangement at a 45° angle.


The brennenstuhl® Premium Office Line is available with or without USB charging connection. It is also available with optional surge protection. All protective contact sockets of the multiple plugs are in a practical arrangement at a 45° angle. The Premium-Office-Line extension leads are Made in Germany. 

Retractable extension lead for mounting

The Tower Power extension lead or the Indesk Power from brennenstuhl® are retractable built-in sockets for permanent installation in the table top at the workplace. Installation is quick and easy and only requires a corresponding recess by drilling. The extension leads are then permanently mounted and can be completely recessed in the table top. This means that the extension lead only needs space when it is in the home office and otherwise you can spread out fully on your desk in the home office.

Super-solid extension lead for mounting under the desk

If you want your power source to disappear under the table and still be securely and firmly mounted, there are screw-on extension leads with fixing lugs for installation. The super-solid extension lead from brennenstuhl® meets this requirement and you also avoid cable chaos on your desk. The super-solid extension lead, optionally with surge protection, distinguishes one more special feature. The cable entry is located opposite the switch, which makes for practical operation. In addition to the Super-Solid, there are other screw-on extension leads by brennenstuhl®.

Power cube for distribution from all sides

These extension leads from brennenstuhl® in a practical, square shape allow access to the power source from all sides - placed in the middle of the table, this is a practical feature especially when a partner, family member or colleague is still at the table together.

The brennenstuhl® Alea extension lead further is available with or without USB. A further option is a fixed installation by screwing on the provided bracket.

Extension cables - The alternative to extension leads in the homeoffice

If you tend to use extension cords instead of extension leads for your homeoffice equipment, there is the textile extension lead with rotary switch. But brennenstuhl® also offers a normal plastic extension cable with a practical flat plug in various lengths. As a further alternative to the extension lead, brennenstuhl® also offers practical extension cables with double couplings, where you can at least gain another socket.