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Smart heating with the brennenstuhl®Connect Smart Home radiator thermostat

With brennenstuhl®Connect, your radiator control also becomes smart. Smart thermostats such as the brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee radiator thermostat HT CZ 01 provide more comfort and savings in your home.

  • Temperature control from anywhere - simply heat via app or voice assistant
  • Detects ambient temperature and automatically controls to the set desired temperature
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and controllable via voice control
  • Set heating phases with the timer in the brennenstuhl®Connect app and let it be controlled by the automatic mode
  • Detects open windows and automatically adjusts the temperature to reduce heat loss
  • Digital heating thermostat with easy-to-understand operation, manual or automatic
  • Manual regulation between 5 and 30 °C

The smart thermostat from brennenstuhl® - Easy to install on the radiator and even easier to control

The installation of the radiator thermostat is very simple. It can even be done without interfering with the heating system and there is no need to drain the heating water. The smart radiator thermostat is compatible with valves from various manufacturers:

Heimeier, MNG, Junkers, Honeywell-Braukmann, Landis/&Gyr (Duodyr), Oventrop,Schlösser, Comap, Valf Sanayii, Mertik Maxitrol, Watts, Wingenroth (Wiroflex), R.B.M, Tiemme, Jaga, Siemens, Idmar, Danfoss.

After installation, the radiator thermostat is automatically and intelligently adapted to the radiator valve. To do this, the smart thermostat opens and closes the valve to set the position of the radiator valve. This process can be repeated as required in the brennenstuhl®Connect app.

How do I network my smart thermostat in the smart home?

The brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee radiator thermostat requires the brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee gateway to integrate it into the Smart Home. The gateway is the connection between the WiFi network and the brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee wireless products.

Unlike brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi products, the radiator thermostat communicates via Zigbee radio protocol with the brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee Gateway, in which a 2.4 GHz WLAN module is integrated.

The Zigbee gateway is the bridge between the WLAN router and Zigbee devices. This way, the smart thermostat is networked with the Smart Home and can then be operated like all other Smart Home products via app or voice control. There are no disadvantages.

Why does the brennenstuhl®Connect radiator thermostat need Zigbee?

In contrast to other standards such as WLAN or Bluetooth, Zigbee is characterised above all by energy efficiency, simplicity of use and high flexibility. In order to be able to operate battery-operated products for longer, it is necessary to use Zigbee radio technology.

Due to its low energy requirements, Zigbee radio technology is the ideal standard for battery-operated Smart Home devices, such as the brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee radiator thermostat HT CZ 01. This means that the thermostat can be installed even in hard-to-reach places and can be operated for up to a year without the need to constantly change the battery. If the batteries then need to be changed, simply remove the outer cover from the housing.

What to wait for? Heat smart now!