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Main-Follow extension lead with automatic switching

The technology commonly known as master-slave for extension leads is called Main-Follow at brennenstuhl®. As an automatic switching system, Main-Follow creates more comfort for the user and provides more intelligence for the extension leads. Thanks to this technology, the power strip recognises that a device is consuming power via the socket and thus regulates the power supply to other sockets.

Main-follow extension leads also help to save electricity by switching automatically. Devices that only need power for a short time while a certain end device is in use are supplied with power via the main-follow system. 

brennenstuhl® Main-Follow extension leadsMain-Follow socket strips: How automatic switching of socket outlets works

If the device connected in the Main socket is switched on, all devices in the Follow sockets are automatically switched on. If no more power flows through the main socket, the follow sockets are automatically switched off.

A suitable device to be connected to the main socket is, for example, a computer. If the computer is switched on, the devices in the follow sockets, e.g. monitor, sound system, printer, scanner, etc., are included in the automatic control and also switched on. If the computer is switched off as the main device, the power supply to all Follow devices is also automatically switched off.

Combination of main-follow extension lead and extension lead with switch

n addition to pure Main-Follow socket strips, brennenstuhl® also offers Main-Follow extension leads with independent sockets from the Main-Follow system. These extra sockets function permanently as soon as the main switch for the entire strip is switched on. Permanent socket outlets then function independently of the Main-Follow automatic switching system. Electronic devices that require continuous power then also receive it. For example, the WLAN router can be plugged in here.

If none of the connected devices is needed for a longer period of time, it is better to disconnect the entire power strip completely from the power supply via a switch. This avoids unnecessary power consumption.

Main-Follow extension leads by brennenstuhl®

Main-Follow extension leads from brennenstuhl® with automatic switching according to the Main-Follow technology are convenient and energy-saving in one!