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Using connctable smoke detectors with wireless technology

Smoke alarms that are installed in multi-storey houses or in rooms that are far away, such as in the basement or attic, could be overheard in the event of an alarm. This is of course a high risk to life in the event of an emergency.

Radio smoke detectors are smoke detectors that can be networked with other smoke detectors by radio. A radio smoke detector is both a transmitter and a receiver. If smoke is detected, the triggering detector informs the devices installed within range via a radio signal.

This then alerts all devices within radio range of the danger.

Using smoke detectors in a network - These are the advantages of wireless smoke detectors

  • In the alarm state, the LED flashes on the unit that triggered the alarm and the acoustic alarm signal sounds.
  • The networked devices only emit an acoustic alarm in the alarm state so that the source of the fire can be localised quickly.
  • Up to 40 fire detectors can be wirelessly networked by radio, thus ensuring maximum safety as all persons within radio range can be warned in good time. 
  • This warns all persons in a flat or even a building of the danger at the same time.
  • Without radio communication between the smoke detectors, each individual detector would only sound the alarm when it has detected smoke itself.

Networking a radio smoke alarm set - this is how it's done!

Switch a networkable radio smoke detector into connection mode by pressing the test button quickly 3 times. The red LED then lights up on the underside of the device, followed by the blue LED. The blue LED indicates that the smoke detector is in connection mode.

The smoke alarm remains in connection mode for approx. 30 seconds. During this time, the next smoke alarm device is switched to connection mode (test button pressed 3 times quickly). On the underside of the device, the red LED lights up, followed by the green LED. This indicates
that the smoke detectors are connected to each other.

Repeat these steps until all smoke detectors are networked. However, the same reference device must always be used.

Attention: If the reference device is exchanged or replaced, all connected smoke alarms must be re
connected smoke detectors must be networked again. Therefore, the reference device should be marked accordingly in order to recognise it as such.

For optimum protection, install at least one smoke alarm in all rooms and corridors.

Wireless smoke alarm from brennenstuhl® with 10-year battery: network up to 40 smoke alarms together

Our hint: Fit smoke detector with magnetic holder