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Save electricity with extension leads with switch

A power strip with a switch directly helps to save electricity. Because with just one flick of the switch, the appliances are completely disconnected from the mains.

  • If one uses a multiple plug, which one switches off regularly to consistently to dispense with the standby mode, electricity is saved. This not only does the environment a favour, but also your own wallet.
  • A Multiple socket outlet with two-pole switch allows you to disconnect the TV completely from the mains when it is not in use. This saves electricity quickly and easily. The same applies to PCs and game consoles and any electrical appliances in the household.
  • Does the socket strip with switch have a illuminated on/off switch, you can also see at a glance whether the power supply is currently interrupted or connected.

Bye Bye Standby Power Consumption: Completely Switch Off Appliances with the Power Strip with Switch

Many electrical appliances in the household are in standby mode when they are supposedly switched off. This is supposed to provide more comfort, as appliances are then switched on again more quickly and are ready to function. Although new electrical appliances consume relatively little electricity in standby mode, the expenditure still adds up due to the high number of electrical appliances in households.

Whether it's a coffee machine, television, stereo system, video game console, computer, monitor, printer or notebook. The many, different types of appliances add up to their share of the electricity bill, because as long as the appliance is in standby mode, the power outlet passes power on to the appliance. If the devices are connected to a power strip with a switch, the power supply is interrupted with just one click.

All brennenstuhl® Socket strips with switch are easy to find with the filter function.

Socket strips with switch: To save electricity, it is important that the switch is 2-pole

Only the two-pole switch Disconnects completely from the mains. Another important feature of the 2-pole switch is also that the power strip itself, when switched off, is no power consumption has.

Of course, manual handling and a little self-discipline are necessary to always flip the switch. But then you can be sure of success in saving electricity.


Main-Follow socket strips: Automatic socket strips are also suitable for saving electricity

The Main-Follow technology for automatic switching of connected devices can also be a clever solution if manual operation of the switch is too time-consuming or is forgotten.

What is important is a sensible Grouping of connected units. If, for example, the computer is switched on as the main unit, the units in the follow sockets, in our example the monitor, loudspeaker and printer, are included in the automatic control and are also switched on. The devices are therefore only supplied with power when they are actively used.

Save electricity smartly with WiFi power strips: Monitoring the power supply from anywhere

In the case of smart multiple plugs or adapters, which Controllable via app are, you can simply switch the power on via Timer the times of use adapt. Or you can also create dependencies and automations for certain device groups. Or you can simply switch off the plugged-in device remotely.

With brennenstuhl®Connect power strips, control is possible via app or voice control. Of course, the multiple plugs with switches can also be switched on or off manually. The app has the advantage that you can also check whether sockets are active and connected devices are consuming power while on the move.

brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi power strips

With the various Smart Home WiFi power strips, smart sockets can be switched in different ways - via automatic timer in the app, Alexa and Google Assistant voice control or app remote control.