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LED floodlight for outdoor mounting

For those who want to install wall lights and outdoor spotlights on a property, brennenstuhl® LED spotlights offer an energy-efficient and long-lasting solution. As there are different models with different product characteristics, the following points should also be weighed up when purchasing:

  • How many watts or lumens are recommended?
  • Which light colour is suitable for me?
  • Do I need a motion detector?
  • Do I want to operate my LED spotlight with WLAN in the Smart Home?

A note in advance: If you want to install an LED spotlight outdoors, make sure that it has at least IP44 protection.

How many watts or lumens for your spotlight in outdoors?

The wattage is known from earlier lighting, e.g. bulbs. Sometimes still unfamiliar is the lumen specification of the luminous flux. In connection with LED lamps, the number of lumens is meaningful.

The so-called useful luminous flux in lumens indicates how much light a light source emits at a certain angle to all sides. The value is decisive for the brightness of an LED spotlight and describes the actual light output of the light source.

To determine the suitable light output or the required number of lumens, it is also crucial where or at what height the spotlight is mounted.

Our recommendation for choosing lumens: In general, lumens are easy to understand. The more light I need, the higher the total useful luminous flux should be. If a stable or an industrial hall is to be illuminated, it is definitely advisable to use LED spotlights with 10,000 to 20,000 lumens. For a carport or house entrance, about 3,000 lumens may be sufficient.

Brennenstuhl LED wall and outdoor floodlights

Which light colour should I choose for an LED spotlight?

The colour temperature in the unit Kelvin indicates where in the spectrum the light colour of the LED spotlight lies, from warm white to cool white. A light temperature above 5000 Kelvin corresponds to a cooler light colour and has an effect similar to daylight. Below 3300 Kelvin, on the other hand, you can give an entrance area or even the terrace a warm, atmospheric light colour. This creates a cosy atmosphere.

Neutral white light and warm white light are preferred for living situations. Daylight white light is often perceived as pleasant working light.

Outdoor LED spotlight with or without motion detector?

A motion detector ensures that the outdoor spotlight is automatically switched on or off, which is practical, for example, in stairways, cellars, entrance areas, driveways or carports.

Besides increased safety and orientation, energy savings, automation of outdoor lighting and burglary protection are reasons for a motion detector.

To ensure that the sensor does not activate the LED spotlight at the slightest movement, the sensitivity can be adjusted. In this way, you get automatically triggered lighting in the outdoor area that is adjusted to your own needs.

LED spotlight with motion detector by brennenstuhl®

LED spotlights differ in their detection range and angle of coverage. Often, the switch-on time, twilight sensor and sensitivity sensor are adjustable. 

LED spotlight for outdoor use without motion detector

For those who do not need a sensor for automatic light control, brennenstuhl® offers LED outdoor spotlights for mounting outdoors without motion detectors.

Intelligent LED spotlights with remote control

With the smart WiFi LED spotlights from brennenstuhl®Connect, various light functions can be controlled via app. It is possible to continuously adjust the luminous intensity and light temperature as desired, for example from cool white to warm white. In this way, the lighting situation can be individually adjusted depending on the application.

In addition, a timer and countdown, event records or programmed afterglow can also be set via app. The free brennenstuhl®Connect app is used for commissioning and settings. Afterwards, the intelligent WiFi spotlights can also be operated via voice assistant.

brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi LED spotlights

The intelligent LED wall floodlights from the brennenstuhl®Connect Smart Home range are long-lasting floodlights for outdoors with super-bright Everlight SMD LEDs. They are optionally available with one or two spotlights, which can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, and with or without a motion detector.