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Hand torches for trade and workshop requirements

Inspection lamps - pocket-sized work light

Compact work light in the form of inspection lamps is part of the workshop requirements and is a useful work aid for craftsmen, industrial workers, but also ambitious do-it-yourselfers. The LED inspection lamps assortment of brennenstuhl® includes robust LED inspection lamps, which are practical and equipped with the right features for the workshop and the trade.

Inspection lamps come with all the features that are important in the trade and for professional use, e.g. in the automotive, electrical and sanitary industries. Useful features include a waterproof and shockproof rubber sheathing, spot light or dimmability for detailed or large area illumination as well as a magnet or other means of attachment. The shape also often plays a major role, because it makes a difference whether you are illuminating a switch cabinet, boiler or engine compartment.

Powerful technology with Li-Ion battery

Helle und starke Handlampen - Handleuchten von brennenstuhl® mit Spot und Dimmfunktion

The brennenstuhl® LED work lights lamps with rechargeable battery have lithium-ion batteries. The advantage of these is that you do not have to worry about losing charging capacity if the battery is not fully charged or discharged. The technology of lithium-ion batteries allows charging in any battery condition without hesitation.

Li-Ion batteries are of very high quality and are ideally suited for workshop conditions. Think carefully about the battery life that suits your needs at work. A longer burn time due to a larger battery capacity may be advantageous for your application. The batteries are usually charged via USB cable. This is also useful for inspection lamps in the trade. Simply charge the battery of your inspection lamp while driving to the construction site.

Light functions for LED inspection lamps

Helle und starke Handlampen - Handleuchten von brennenstuhl® mit Spot und Dimmfunktion

In high quality inspection lamps, mostly single COB-strip or several SMD LED light emitting diodes are used, which guarantee highest light output at low energy consumption as well as a long life time.

An LED inspection lamp provides a wide area illumination. In addition, many models have a spot light for targeted illumination of details or narrow areas. With colour temperatures of up to 6500 Kelvin, the brennenstuhl® LED inspection lamps provide a daylight white working light.

The dimming function available on some models also supports individual needs at work. This allows you to adapt the luminous intensity to the application. Dimming also influences the battery life, which is extended by a lower switching level. Dimming is infinitely variable on some models.

Different designs, with magnet or mounting option

Helle und starke Handlampen - Handleuchten von brennenstuhl® mit Spot und Dimmfunktion

Inspection lamps for trade and industry should be resistant to external influences and robust. A high-quality housing material and a high IP protection class against ingress of dust and water contribute to a long-lasting use. For some inspection lamps a high impact resistance is stated in the IK value.

The inspection lamps also differ in shape to take account of different applications. Slim designs are mainly used to illuminate the smallest gaps. Among the inspection lamps there are also models in very small sizes, the small lamps fit in any tool case or even in a breast pocket.

The fastening options with hook, magnet or clip are extremely practical in use. A magnet in combination with a bendable holding foot creates an optimal illumination by a possible adjustment of the angle of inclination of the lamp.

The LED hand lamp assortment from brennenstuhl®

Battery LED hand lamps for the use of craftsmen

Battery-powered LED hand lamps