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Primera-Line: Controlling garden lighting via an app

Primera-Line: Controlling garden lighting via an app

The Primera-Line remote control set offers even more convenience for lovers of home automation: the coding is self-learning and, together with the Home Automation Gateway GWY 433, can also be controlled via smartphone. Our product tester Alex (33, technical draftsman) tested the remote control set in combination with the SteckerPRO app and now controls his terrace lighting while out and about:

I recently installed new lighting with a variety of designer spotlights on my roof terrace. The result is magnificent. The only thing I still needed was a clever solution for bringing the lighting scenario to life at the press of a button – or, even better, with a fingertip. The Primera-Line remote control set, the gateway and the SteckerPRO app manage it perfectly! The switchable sockets are also suitable for outdoor use, the gateway is easy to connect to the router, and the app is installed and set up within a few minutes – it could hardly be easier.

The scope of delivery

scope of delivery

The Primera-Line remote control set offers a good basic set-up for the first step towards home automation: it contains a remote control (including A23 battery) for four channels, two IP20 switchable sockets for indoor use and an IP44 socket which is suitable for outdoor use. The set can easily be expanded to include additional wireless receivers. At up to 25 metres, I reckon the range should be more than sufficient for normal use in the house and garden. The Brematic Home Automation Gateway GWY 433 set consists of the gateway, an antenna to be connected, an Ethernet cable, a USB cable and a USB power supply. For use, you need a router (DHCP mode) with a free Ethernet network connection and an Android or iOS device to control the app.

The first impression

the Primera-Line set packed up

I really like the look of the set: although relatively bulky, the housing of the wireless receivers and transmitters has a very high quality finish. The metallic-coloured plastic is fairly robust and is beautifully simply overall. The sockets can also be switched on and off manually without the remote control, which gave me more flexibility in the possible uses. I liked the fact that the wireless receiver for outdoor use is protected with a small extra seal, which provides guaranteed sealing against dust and spray for the housing. What’s more, the learn button also has a protective rubber cover. However, the wireless receiver is only guaranteed to be waterproof if you use an IP44 plug and not a flat plug (such as are used for strings of lights, for example). I found the function lights particularly good: the matt green is easily visible, but not disruptive. The on/off buttons are also a nice size and are easy to operate.

gateway for use of the app

The gateway is a small square box made from white plastic with a black, flexible antenna. You connect it to the router using the high-quality network cable supplied. As an alternative to the power supply, the gateway can also be powered via the 5 V USB connection, e.g. with a USB charger. Thanks to the different colours of LED, I can see at a glance whether the LAN gateway has found the IP address (blue), detected the router (orange), and data transfer is taking place, so the wireless signal is being transmitted (green).

The functioning

remote socket for the use outside

The operation and installation of the remote control set absolutely won me over in the remote control socket test: the coding is self-learning, i.e. learning of the wireless channel is not done using small switches, but rather works automatically via a learn switch. You are thus saved the tedious task of manually coding the remote control sockets, which has otherwise always irritated me. With just a few buttons pressed, everything is done and my terrace shines with tasteful light by remote control at the press of a button. That’s why I find such a remote control set very practical, because I no longer need to creep into hard to reach corners in order to turn the lights on, but can rather control everything conveniently by remote control. It is particularly nice for operating outdoor lighting, particularly in the winter. Together with the Home Automation Gateway GWY 433, things get even more convenient: I can use it to control all my devices via the app using my smartphone – not only the terrace lighting, but also all other connected systems such as living room lights or the kettle.

SteckerPRO app for controlling of the remote control set

The SteckerPro app works with an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or Android tablet, and the basic version is free for up to 2 devices. It can be found quickly and installed easily in the appropriate app store. By the way, I can use the app not only to control individual devices, but also to control all remote control systems in the house: clearly sorted by rooms and devices. I also found the shortcuts to the individual devices really practical. Thanks to the tile optics with “on/off” function buttons, I don’t have to search laboriously for the individual devices first.

Remote control socket test summary

I am 100% won over by the Brematic solution: the Primera-Line remote control set can be used for a wide variety of applications in the house as well as in the garden, and can be expanded to include more switchable sockets without a problem. Together with the gateway, your own home becomes that bit smarter: the app is clearly structured and functional, the necessary installations are done quickly. In the test, it took just 15 minutes from unpacking to the first operation using touch gestures. A top solution for more convenience at home! ?