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brennenstuhl® catalogue: Power Distribution, Smart Home, Home & Security

New catalogue: Power Distribution, Smart Home, Home & Security

brennenstuhl® equips: From home & living to the construction site

From extensin leads with or without surge protection, extension cables and cable drums for indoor or outdoor use, CEE power distributors and extension cables to the intelligent Smart Home - In the field of power distribution, brennenstuhl® equips living and office spaces, construction sites as well as home and craftsmen with the right products.

Discover the current brennenstuhl® range 2021/2022 in the field of power distribution, smart home and home & security.

More safety for users when working with electricity

brennenstuhl® has always understood how to implement the needs of home and craftsmen in its products. brennenstuhl® cable drums, socket strips and extension cords are known everywhere, also for use on construction sites, in trade or industry.

Power distribution on the construction site brings its own requirements and not least hazards. That is why it is important to be able to rely on the manufacturer you trust, who not only ensures greater safety when working with electricity or power tools through quality and care, but is also an expert in the requirements and standards of its products.

In home and living spaces or offices, the first priority when dealing with electricity is to protect people from dangerous contact with electricity. For this reason, increased protection against accidental contact and 2-pole switches for on/off are generally used for power distribution in indoor areas, such as extension cables or socket strips.

Surge protection protects electronic devices from overvoltages and high current peaks in the household power grid, which can be caused, for example, by switching operations or by indirect lightning.