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brennenstuhl®estilo USB charger with quick charging technology

brennenstuhl®estilo USB charger with quick charging technology

Elegant, compact and space-saving. These are optimal characteristics for the next travel companion, or rather for the brennenstuhl®estilo multiple port USB. Thanks to its practical shape and size, the multi-charger is also perfect for travelling.

The stylish and at the same time compact design with a high-quality stainless steel surface is just as convincing as the intelligent Power Delivery charging socket with max. 20 W. With Power Delivery, various battery devices can be safely charged across manufacturers and within a short time. 

The USB charger with 4 USB ports of type A and a Power Delivery charging socket for fast charging is ideal for charging smartphones, tablets or other USB-enabled products. Up to 5 devices can be charged simultaneously. Using Power Delivery technology, even up to 70% faster.

Can I charge my device with Power Delivery technology?

Whether smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or laptop. If the device has Power Delivery technology, it can be charged via the type C connection of the brennenstuhl®estilo multi-charger. Type C is increasingly becoming the standard across all devices. This means that a charger with this USB connection can be used for different devices, regardless of the manufacturer.

More and more devices are taking advantage of the Power Delivery technology. Almost every new smartphone, tablet, laptop or wearable such as a smartwatch supports the use of the technology for fast charging. There are also fast chargers with up to 100 W, which are then powerful enough to charge laptops in the shortest time, for example. Is the technology suitable for your devices? We answer these and other questions about fast charging with USB in the brennenstuhl® selection of themes.