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Halogen & LED floodlight EU declaration of conformity


Mobile rechargeable LED floodlight BLUMO 2000 A, 20W, 2100lm, IP54


Mobile rechargeable LED floodlight BLUMO 3000 A 30W, 3000lm, IP54


Mobile Bluetooth LED floodlight TORAN 3000 MB with light control APP, IP55, 3000lm, 30W, 5m H07RN-F 2G1.0


Mobile rechargeable Bluetooth LED floodlight TORAN 4000 MBA with light control APP, IP55, 3800lm, 40W


Mobile Bluetooth LED floodlight TORAN 5000 MB with light control APP, IP54, 5000lm, 46W, 5m H07RN-F 3G1.5

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