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The cablepilot makes the difference

Cable drums from brennenstuhl® with plug garage and safe cable routing

A cable drum is very practical, there is no arguing about that. However, you know this? After working with a cable drum, you want to rewind it as cleanly as possible. This procedure can be tedious and also annoying, because the cable cannot always be rolled up cleanly and firmly as desired or it even jumps out of the drum. For this problem brennenstuhl® has devised the perfect solution - the "cablepilot". This revolutionised the handle of the cable drum and equipped it with useful features and, above all, made reeling it up much easier.

  • Prevents the cable from sliding off the cable reel
  • Guides the cable when winding up the cable reel
  • The cable lies more evenly on the reel during winding
  • Practical carrying handle, also for hanging up the cable reel
  • Swings on both sides for rolling up from both sides
  • Plug garage for stowing the plug

Integrated feature: The plug garage

Every "cablepilot" has a so-called plug garage. The plug garage consists of two holes, which are located on the carrying handle of the "cablepilot". After the cable reel has been rolled up, the plug can be practically tidied up by inserting the mains connection into the plug garage provided. In this way the plug is fixed and does not swing back and forth during transport.

Kabeltrommeln von brennenstuhl® mit Steckergarage und sicherer Kabelführung - CABLEPILOT

Your brennenstuhl® cable drum with "cablepilot" - These features await you

The "cablepilot" is an innovative carrying handle of brennenstuhl® cable reels, which, among other things, facilitates the quick rolling up as well as the transport and thus the work with the cable reel considerably:

Super-fast, safe unwinding and rewinding 

Perfect cable guidance at all times - Due to its function as a winding aid for the cable reel, the cable cannot slip off the reel

Practical hanging

The carrying handle is also ideal for suspension, for example from a scaffolding or ladder

Free hands during transport

Effortless carrying of the reel, even when no hand is free, the "cablepilot" serves as a practical carrying handle and is designed to suit you.

Pendulum grip

Cable from the right or left - you decide from which direction you wind up your cable reel, the "cablepilot" adapts to you


brennenstuhl® Garant cable drums with "cablepilot" carrying handle

brennenstuhl® cable drums with "cablepilot" carrying handle allow perfect cable guidance when winding or unwinding the cable. The handle swings on both sides and also makes it easy to carry and hang up the cable drum.

Convince yourself of the autopilot for your cable reel

To the brennenstuhl® cable reels with "cablepilot"