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Smart Home

Smart Home WiFi sockets, Smart Home for retrofitting

There are many ways to make your house or flat smart. The first and most important question is therefore what goals you are pursuing with your smart home. Switch electronic devices on and off automatically and also reduce unnecessary standby electricity costs. With brennenstuhl®Connect, you can design your own Smart Home in just a few steps.


What is a smart home and what advantages does it bring?

Smart Home basically means that everyday, previously analogue processes are automated. For example, the roller shutters are raised automatically at sunrise. A wide variety of devices can be controlled by voice, radio, app or remote control and can be linked to each other to achieve greater comfort.

The main advantages of home automation are that you can control your entire home from the comfort of your couch, or you can create automations that make everyday life easier. However, the smart home not only serves to make everyday life easier, but also provides security for you and your home.

Is every home smart home capable?

In principle, every home of one's own and also every rented flat can be equipped or retrofitted with a Smart Home device. brennenstuhl® offers a retrofit option with which every home can be made smarter without having to lay cables or carry out a complex installation.

Retrofitting your home with a Smart Home System

Making your home smart works with just a few components. Even a small number of intelligent intermediate plugs enables a multitude of automations and possibilities. With brennenstuhl®Connect, you get functions such as voice control, flexible timer functions and control from anywhere, depending on the device. Different smart plugs are suitable depending on which room is to become smart.


brennenstuhl®Connect Smart Home

brennenstuhl®Connect Smart Home from brennenstuhl®

The brennenstuhl®Connect Smart Home System consists of network-compatible WiFi products. With their technology, these give intelligence to normal sockets or the connected devices. The Smart Plugs are used as intelligent intermediate plugs.

Integrated as a system, the brennenstuhl®Connect products effectively support energy management, enable automatic, time-controlled switching of connected electrical appliances and optimisation of power consumption.

Smart Home without gateway or hub

A normal WLAN router and the free brennenstuhl®Connect app are all you need to set it up. When connecting, you only have to make sure that the WLAN standard 2.4 GHz is set.

If you want to use Zigbee technology with brennenstuhl®Connect, you only need the brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee Gateway, which forms the interface between the Zigbee and the brennenstuhl®connect WiFi technology.

Uncomplicated installation and operation via app or voice command

To integrate the sockets into your own WLAN network, use the free brennenstuhl®Connect app. brennenstuhl®Connect is also compatible with your voice assistant. This allows you to control your smart home simply by voice command.

Remote control from anywhere

Control your home via smartphone anywhere and at any time. Switch connected devices on or off via the free app, regardless of your location and the time.

Setting up smart scenes

After connecting to the network, you can control the Smart Plugs, set up automation and scenes, set timers tailored to your everyday life and much more. brennenstuhl®Connect becomes particularly intelligent when different Smart Plugs trigger functions depending on each other.

The   brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee motion detector for example, can control other smart devices if a corresponding scene is created in the app. When it is triggered, the lighting could switch on as a result. This can be easily set in the brennstuhl®Connect app.


brennenstuhl®Connect App

One app. No limits. One smart home.

The free brennenstuhl®Connect Smart Home App is available for iOS and Android. The brennenstuhl®Connect app enables easy commissioning and remote control.

Control your home from anywhere and at any time with your smartphone. The app includes popular functions such as switching WiFi sockets on and off, creating scenes, timers as well as countdown functions. 

The timer function can be used to automate daily and weekly schedules.

brennenstuhl®Connect Smart Home


brennenstuhl®Connect Smart Home thanks to WiFi socket outlets and WiFi extension leads

How does a WiFi socket work?

The intelligent brennenstuhl®Connect Smart Home products support the 2.4 GHz WLAN standard and can therefore communicate and be controlled with the WLAN router. This means that your electronic devices can be conveniently switched on and off worldwide via the free brennenstuhl®Connect app with an existing internet connection.

With the help of the app, you can create various schedules or timer functions, which will automatically control your devices. Via the intelligent WiFi socket with 433 MHz transmitter, you have the option of controlling other 433 MHz brennenstuhl® wireless products as well.

Which devices can be controlled via a WiFi socket?

In principle, all electronic devices with a protective contact plug can be controlled via the WLAN sockets.


What Smart Home devices are there?

brennenstuhl®Connectbrennenstuhl®Connect WLAN socket outlets

brennenstuhl®Connect is the new product line in the  Smart Home Programme from brennenstuhl® with intelligent, network-compatible WiFi socket adapters. An intelligent socket is also known as a smart plug or WLAN plug. They are suitable as adapters for the usual socket and give it intelligence through their technology - or rather the devices that are connected. You use the WiFi adapters as intelligent intermediate plugs.

Which brennenstuhl®Connect Smart Home socket outlet for which application?

The brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi socket WA 3600 LRF01 433 is the perfect indoor extension for brennenstuhl® 433 MHz radio-controlled socket outlets.

The WiFi socket WA 3000 XS01 for indoor use allows control from your home, from anywhere and at any time.

The WiFi socket WA 3000 XS02 for outdoor use is an outdoor WLAN socket outlet with a hinged cover for protection against splashing water and foreign bodies (IP44).


WiFi extension leads

Anyone can have a normal multiple socket. With a smart WiFi power strip, several sockets or the devices connected to them can be controlled automatically and by remote or voice control. While only one device can be managed at a time with a simple smart plug, the benefits are multiplied with a Wi-Fi multiple socket.

With the various brennenstuhl®Connect power strips, the sockets can be switched differently:

Partly individually, i.e. grouped, as with the Eco-Line WiFi power strip. Completely individual as with the Ecolor WiFi power strip with 3-channel or with this Ecolor WiFi power strip all together.


Smart light bulbs

brennenstuhl®Connect Filament Bulbs in Retro Design

The smart brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi Filament LED lamps in vintage design are not only eye-catchers themselves, but also create individual lighting atmospheres for different rooms and occasions through the settings in the app.

Smart light bulbs to adjust brightness, colour and white tone

Various light functions can be controlled via the app. The SB 800 smart light bulb with E27 socket and the SB 400 smart light bulb with E14 socket are dimmable via app, brightness, colour as well as the white tone are continuously adjustable. The colour temperature can be changed from warm white 3000K to cool white 6500K.


Smart Home Outdoor Lighting

Smart outdoor lighting

brennenstuhl®Connect outdoor floodlights are available with or without motion detectors. The smart outdoor floodlights are ideal for automatically illuminating entrance areas, driveways or carports and for deterring burglary and theft.

Thanks to the IP54 protection rating, the smart outdoor spotlights are dust and splash-proof and can be installed outdoors without hesitation.

With the brennenstuhl®Connect app or by voice command, the lighting situation can be individually adjusted and remotely controlled: Continuous adjustment of luminous intensity and light temperature (from cool white to warm white), timer and countdown, event records, programmed afterglow and much more.


WLAN smoke detector

The battery-powered WiFi Smoke and Heat Alarm WRHM01 immediately alerts you with a piercing alarm signal (85 Db) in case of fire and smoke development. When you are absent, you are quickly informed about the fire hazard via the app, thanks to direct push notification to your smartphone.

Integrating WLAN smoke detectors into the Smart Home

The WLAN smoke detector is compatible with any brand of router and does not require a hub - make sure to select the 2.4 GHz band when connecting.


brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee

brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee

In addition to WiFi technology, Zigbee products can be integrated into the brennenstuhl®Connect Smart Home. The brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee products only need the following for integration into the Smart Home brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee Gateway, which is required as an interface for the communication of the Zigbee and the brennenstuhl®connect WiFi technology. Then the brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee products can be controlled as normal via the brennenstuhl®Connect app and intelligent automation and processes can be set.

There is a wide range of possibilities for controlling and triggering brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee gadgets - all set and customised in the app in just a few minutes.

Zigbee motion detector

The Zigbee motion detector can be used as a trigger to switch on other brennenstuhl®Connect products, e.g. the brennenstuhl®Connect light bulbs. The history function enables an exact time representation of the detected movements.

Zigbee temperature sensor

The Zigbee temperature sensor records temperatures from 0 to + 49 °C and humidity from 0 - 95 %. A history function in the app enables long-term monitoring of the measured values.

If, for example, the fan is plugged into a smart brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi socket, the Zigbee temperature sensor can switch on the plugged-in air conditioner at a certain temperature or it can also trigger the smart heating control.

Zigbee window sensor

The Zigbee door-window contact detects the opening and closing of doors and windows and sends a notification to your mobile phone or tablet. Create automation in the brennenstuhl®Connect app to regulate the smart thermostat in conjunction with the window opening, for example.



Smart Zigbee thermostat

Smart heating with Smart Home heating control

With brennenstuhl®Connect, radiator control also becomes smart. Smart heating is particularly easy with practical starter sets for smart heating. With them, anyone can retrofit their heating system to be smart.

Which Smart Home thermostats are available?

Smart thermostats like the brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee radiator thermostat HT CZ 01 support above all in saving heating costs.

The installation of the smart radiator thermostat is very simple. It can even be done without intervening in the heating system and no draining of heating water is necessary. The smart radiator thermostat is compatible with the valves of various manufacturers. One List of manufacturers can be found in the operating instructions and in the brennenstuhl® theme world.



brennenstuhl®Connect and Zigbee technology

This is what Smart Home products with Zigbee radio standard can do

As a radio standard, Zigbee connects different devices with each other over short distances - the radio range is up to 20 metres depending on the power and environment.

To use the Zigbee radio standard, a central unit is required, which is also called a Zigbee bridge, hub or gateway, depending on the manufacturer. The Zigbee gateway is the bridge between the WLAN router and Zigbee devices. Then other devices that network via the Zigbee radio protocol can be integrated into the Smart Home.

brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee Gateway

The brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee Gateway GWY CZ 01 is the Zigbee Bridge for controlling brennenstuhl® Zigbee Smart Home devices such as the smart thermostat and other brennenstuhl®Connect hazard detectors.

Zigbee is a radio standard that connects different devices over short distances. The radio standard is needed to enable low energy consumption and battery operation. The radio range of the Zigbee Bridge is up to 20 metres, depending on the power and environment.

Why does the brennenstuhl®Connect thermostat need Zigbee?

Zigbee is a battery-saving radio protocol. In contrast to other standards such as WLAN or Bluetooth, Zigbee is characterised above all by energy efficiency, simplicity of use and high flexibility. The radio standard is needed to enable low energy consumption and battery operation.

Why are ZigBee products particularly important?

The brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee devices are useful sensors that can switch the other devices or serve as a source of information. This means that brennenstuhl®Connet can be used autonomously and can control itself independently through dependencies set in the app. The brennenstuhl®Connect Zigbee Door and Window Contact TFK CZ 01 Can be coupled with the Zigbee radiator thermostat, for example, to switch off the heating in connection with the window opening.


brennenstuhl®Connect Smart Homebrennenstuhl®Connect Smart Home

Control WiFi sockets with Alexa or Google Home via voice command

Do you already have a voice assistant such as Alexa or Google Assistant? Then operating your Smart Home becomes even more convenient, as brennenstuhl®Connect devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa (Amazon Echo) and Google Assistant (Google Home).

With just a few clicks in the respective apps, you can also benefit from Alexa Voice Service from Amazon and Google Assistant with brennenstuhl®Connect.

Control Smart Home System with Alexa

For Amazon Alexa, download the brennenstuhl®Connect Skill and search for the WiFi socket. For Google Asisstantly go to "Add" > "Set up device" in the Google Home app and then follow the on-screen menu. Further details on setting up the Voice control for WiFi sockets you will find in the brennenstuhl® theme world.



Smart Garden

WLAN Garden Socket with Ground Spike

The WLAN garden socket for permanent outdoor use can be used to generally control the power supply to electrical devices outdoors. The WiFi garden socket with earth spike provides a firm anchorage in the ground or can be fixed to the ground with the supplied mounting plate.

The two protective contact sockets with self-closing hinged covers are dust and splash-proof and can be switched individually via the free app or via voice assistant. The timer function of the WiFi garden socket outlet allows daily and weekly schedules to be programmed in the brennenstuhl®Connect app. You can control garden lighting, garden watering and much more automatically.


brennenstuhl®Connect Smart Home

BrematicPRO - Smart Home wireless solution

In addition to brennenstuhl®Connect, Brennenstuhl offers another Smart Home System: BrematicPRO . BrematicPRO products make your home smart retroactively and is perfect for beginners. BrematicPRO is a plug-and-play solution that can be installed wirelessly in the house, rented flat or holiday home, even without specialist knowledge. BrematicPRO is a Smart Home wireless solution for retrofitting. As the central control unit, the gateway is connected to all modules by radio and allows you to control the devices via the free BrematicPRO app. The radio range between the BrematicPRO gateway and the actuators and sensors is 100m free field.