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Fast charging with USB Power Delivery charger Type C

Fast chargers consist of two important components: Power Delivery technology and a USB charger with Type C. How do these two electronic components ensure that smartphones, tablets, wearables such as smartwatches or laptops are fully charged in the shortest possible time? And is the technology safe for our devices?

USB quick chargers with Power Delivery - How does PD work?

Schnellladen mit USB C – Schnellladegeräte mit Power Delivery von brennenstuhl®Power Delivery, or PD for short, is a technology for fast, smart charging at a higher wattage. The technology enables safe, high-speed charging without damaging the battery. The charger supplies your devices with just the right amount of power. This also means that the technology detects which device is being charged to provide it with the appropriate wattage. With Power Delivery, various battery devices with a USB connection Type C can be safely charged across manufacturers and within a short time.

Together with Power Delivery technology, USB chargers from Type C were developed because they can handle the new level of performance for fast charging. Power Delivery fast chargers therefore always have a Type C connector. These boards have been specially designed to handle the increased wattage that is crucial in Power Delivery.

Through the interaction of the intelligent Power Delivery technology and the Type C charger, the device is supplied with the maximum, safe amount of power that it can absorb. This is because the connected device is detected and supplied with exactly the right amount of power needed to charge it as quickly as possible. This increases user safety and minimises the risk of damaging devices, e.g. by using too much power.

USB Power Delivery Type C - A charger for every device

Many devices are charged via a USB charger. This is often the USB Type A. This type of connection has been known since the end of the 90s. It was developed to supply devices with lower amounts of current. This is necessary for today's smartphones and tablets. However, the older technology is not suitable for the higher wattages that occur with Power Delivery. This is exactly what Type C ports were specially designed for.

And what else distinguishes Type A from Type C? Have you ever managed to insert the USB plug into the charger correctly the first time? For those who have been annoyed by this everyday problem, the USB Power Delivery Type C connector is a blessing. USB PD fast chargers use Type C ports, which are double-sided and therefore uncomplicated to connect.

Can I charge my device with PD?

Whether you want to charge your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or laptop, if the device can be connected via Type C, it can be charged with Power Delivery. Type C is increasingly becoming the standard across devices. This means one charger can be used for different devices.

More and more devices are taking advantage of Power Delivery technology. Almost every new smartphone, tablet, laptop or wearables such as a smartwatch support the use of USB PD. There are also fast chargers with up to 100 W, which are then powerful enough to charge laptops, for example.

Fast and trouble-free recharging - The advantages of fast charging with USB Power Delivery

  • Secure and unified: A Type C fast charger can be used across manufacturers and devices.
  • Extreme speed: The fastest way to a full battery.
  • Intelligent power supply: Charge batteries up to 70% faster and safely.

Fast charging with USB C - fast chargers with Power Delivery from brennenstuhl®

brennenstuhl® products with USB PD fast charging