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LED construction worklights with 18V battery compatibility: Brennenstuhl Multi Battery 18V System and Bosch Professional 18V System

One worklight. Many battery systems.

If you need work light and equip yourself with an LED work lamp, the question arises as to which lighting solution is best suited. Why not make this decision dependent on the rechargeable battery system you have been using up to now? You are already using efficient battery technology - you will find the right work light at brennenstuhl®!

The brennenstuhl® Multi Battery 18V System makes it possible to use a work light with the battery system you already prefer. The brennenstuhl® Multi Battery work light can be used with leading Powertool 18V battery systems in just one step. The adapters are the interface between the worklight and the 18V battery.

Brennenstuhl Multi Battery 18V System

Attach the adapter, plug in the matching battery and simply get started - brand compatibility in the brennenstuhl® Multi Battery 18V System

The brennenstuhl® Multi Battery 18V System is compatible with the 18V battery technologies of leading brands. The compatibility extends to the common 18V rechargeable batteries of the following manufacturers:

Bosch Professional, Dewalt, Einhell, Fein, Festool, Flex, Hikoki, Makita, Metabo CAS, Milwaukee and Würth.

Quite simply, the matching adapter can be used on the brennenstuhl® interface. The power is in the choice of the user and depends on his preferred 18V battery system. Every compatible 18V battery is guaranteed to fit due to the removable battery cover. With the battery cover removed (IP20), larger 18V batteries can also be used. The batteries used are protected against deep discharge and overheating (caused by large load currents).

Marken im Brennenstuhl Multi Battery 18V System

LED worklights in the brennenstuhl® Multi Battery 18V System

The flexibility in the brennenstuhl® Multi Battery 18V system goes beyond the interface technology. With the variety of worklights, you can also choose between different work lamps to find the right one for your application.

The construction spotlights are extremely robust, impact-resistant and, with the interface technology to the battery systems, enormously powerful and efficient. They convince in use with impressive luminosity and many other functions in different versions and designs.

Area floodlight, searchlight, 360 degree all-round light, telescopic floodlight - the extended worklight range in the Multi Battery 18V System fulfils numerous requirements for various applications.

More possibilities than ever before and full compatibility with the leading battery technologies - with the work lamps in the brennenstuhl® Multi Battery 18V System

The brennenstuhl® Multi Battery 18V System - Awarded with the German Innovation Award in Gold

"A perfect everyday companion for craftspeople", according to the jury’s statement.

Awarded Multi Battery 18V System

Power for Pros - brennenstuhl® work lights for the AMPShare battery-alliance

AMPShare is the shared battery system that lets you run many tools from many pro brands with just one battery – powered by leading battery technology from Bosch Professional.

The brennenstuhl® Multi Battery 18V System work lamps are officially certified for use with the 18V Li-Ion GBA and ProCORE18V batteries from Bosch Professional. Further, there are more brennenstuhl® work lamps for use with AMPShare batteries.

AMPShare - Powered by Bosch 

SHARE THE POWER. brennenstuhl® worklights for the AMPShare battery alliance.