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Bretec® rotary contact

Bretec® rotary contact technology from brennenstuhl®

Do your sockets rotate when the cable of the cable drum is rolled out or in? With Bretec® rotary contact technology, they stop in the middle! With Bretec®, you can finally unwind your cable reel with connected electrical appliances.

  • The drum body runs separately from the socket unit or the mains plug connection.
  • All around more safety without dangerous twisting of the connecting cables of the electrical appliances.
  • No more risk of damage to cable sheath and copper strands.
  • All around more comfortable, faster, more convenient.
  • Recognition at a glance: Look for the red ring around the socket insert.

One has Bretec®, the other wishes he did...

brennenstuhl® Kabeltrommel Bretec®

The innovative brennenstuhl® Bretec® rotary contact technology. The reel body runs separately from the socket unit and the power connector coupling.

The problem:  With traditional extension cable reels, when the cable is reeled up and unreeled, the complete reel body turns, forcing the power connector coupling to turn as well. This means: dangerous twisting of the power connection cable and considerable legwork: unreel the cable - back to the socket - insert the plug - go to the work device…that sounds very tiresome and frustrating. For this reason, we have thought about a solution to this.


The solution:  brennenstuhl® with innovative Bretec® rotary contact comfort. While you are turning the reel, the socket unit stays still with the connected devices. And the way is finally free for unobstructed, flexible and safe working. You have the guarantee: tests with more than 100,000 revolutions demonstrate optimal functionality. The robust design allows a 5-year functional guarantee!

Unwind the cable reel without problems - BRETEC®-Rotary contact comfort

Cable drums with Bretec® rotary contact