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LED floodlight for outdoor mounting

If you want to install wall lights and outdoor spotlights on your property, LED spotlights are an energy-efficient and long-lasting solution. brennenstuhl® wall and outdoor spotlights use state-of-the-art LED technology. This not only provides you with modern light, but also saves you a lot of energy costs.

If you want to install an LED spotlight outdoors, you have to make sure, among other things, that you use at least protection class IP44. As there are different models with different product features, you should also weigh up the following points when purchasing:

  • Is a motion detector necessary?
  • Which light colour is suitable for the outside?
  • How many watts or lumens are recommended for outdoor use?

How many watts or lumens outdoors?

The wattage is familiar from earlier lighting, e.g. incandescent bulbs. Sometimes still unfamiliar is the lumen specification of the luminous flux. In connection with LED lamps, the number of lumens is meaningful.

The value is decisive for the brightness of an LED spotlight and describes the actual light output of the light source. The useful luminous flux in lumens indicates how much light a light source emits at a certain angle to all sides.

To determine the appropriate light output, or the required number of lumens, it is also crucial to know

  • How high the illuminance should be at a given distance.
  • Where and at what height the spotlight is to be mounted.

Illuminance is expressed in lux. For example, approx. 10 - 20 lux is needed to illuminate a garage entrance. The illuminance does not decrease linearly over distance but quadratically, which means that even at small distances the light is considerably weaker. An example: with vertical incidence of light, a spotlight with 2000 lm and 120° beam angle provides approx. 10 lux at a distance of 8 metres.

Which colour temperature for outdoor use?

The colour temperature in the unit Kelvin indicates where the light colour of the LED spotlight lies in the spectrum from yellowish-warm to bluish-cool. A light temperature of 6500 Kelvin corresponds to a cooler light colour and has a stronger effect like bright daylight.

On the other hand, you can use approx. 3000 Kelvin to give your entrance area, your driveway or even your terrace a warm and atmospheric light colour. This creates a rather cosy ambience.

LED spotlight for outdoor use with warm light

The brennenstuhl® AL LED spotlights with a warm white light colour of 3000 K are available with a luminous flux of 1010 lm, 2080 lm and 3110 lm, each with or without motion detector.

Outdoor LED spotlight with motion detector

A motion detector ensures that the outdoor spotlight is automatically switched on or off, which is practical in stairways, cellars, entrance areas, driveways or carports, for example. In addition to increased safety and orientation, reasons for a motion detector include energy savings, automation of outdoor lighting and protection against burglary. 

To ensure that the sensor does not activate the spotlight at the slightest movement, the sensitivity can be adjusted. In this way, you achieve automatically triggered outdoor lighting that is adjusted to your needs.

LED spotlight with motion detector by brennenstuhl®

LED spotlights differ in their detection range and angle of coverage. Often, the switch-on time, twilight sensor and sensitivity sensor are adjustable.