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professionalLINE - Die Profi-Serie von brennenstuhl®

100 % premium in material, processing and function

A professional does not let himself be fooled when it comes to his tools. The workmanship, the benefit, the ergonomics as well as the durability play a major role. For more than 60 years as a manufacturer, brennenstuhl® has attached great importance to a particularly high degree of quality and functionality in all its products. But with a product line that has been developed especially for professionals, it is also a matter of developing products beyond what is already known and constantly optimising them to meet the needs of the diverse tradesmen's industries.

The brennenstuhl® professionalLINE is a product line from brennenstuhl® that responds to the needs of professional users. The products are specially developed for the power and light supply of professionals in trade and industry and are therefore uncompromisingly designed for the toughest operating conditions of the industries.

The brennenstuhl® professionalLINE products perform first-class work in professional and commercial use and appeal to everyone who works with high demands. In this product line, our know-how in the fields of power distribution and lighting, which has grown over decades, is combined with a high standard that meets the special challenges of professional users. The professionalLINE is a product line from professionals for professionals.



Cable reels in a new look

professionalLINE Kabeltrommel IP44 von brennenstuhl®

With a lot of experience and expertise, brennenstuhl® has been a manufacturer of cable reels for decades. Since we have been dealing with squaring the circle, we know how to offer a cable drum that can be parked in any position. We also transfer the advantages of a sheet steel drum to the world of craftsmen through expertise. With its full protective insulation, the Steelcore cable drum can support you in your work without hesitation.

All professionalLINE cable reels are "Made in Germany" and are suitable for use in accordance with BGI 608. In addition, all models are suitable for use on construction sites in accordance with BGI 608 as well as for permanent outdoor use.


Technology for special applications

Insufficient working light is an absurdity for the professional. In the light range, two features are therefore of particular importance for the brennenstuhl® professionalLINE. professionalLINE 360° LED Strahler ORUM von brennenstuhl®Firstly, brennenstuhl® makes the LED spotlight models absolutely suitable for professionals and robust, secondly, the LED technology is extremely efficient. Thus, the professionalLINE luminaires are not only energy-saving and durable, but also very bright thanks to a special light diffusion. Secondly, they are particularly stable and are optimally protected from impacts by a highly break-resistant reflector glass. Even rough manners can hardly harm the professionalLINE LED spotlights.

The product line is designed for specific use at workplaces, such as construction sites and the requirements of tradesmen. The 360° ORUM luminaire, for example, with its all-round illumination, meets the needs of painters.


Your areas of application in the trade

The handicraft is manifold. Whether painters and stuccoers, sanitary, heating and air conditioning, or carpenters and woodworkers, the brennenstuhl® professionalLINE serves them all. professionalLINE CEE Kabeltrommel von brennenstuhl®Get to work with the right equipment. We offer proven durability and robustness as well as highly efficient anad effective tools for professional use. With our expertise as a manufacturer, we supply the right products for your industry in addition to our know-how. We also give you our promise with extended manufacturer's warranties.

Reliable. Robust. Innovative. The outstanding features of the brennenstuhl® professionalLINE devices have convinced in practice. This is shown by reports from hard-boiled professionals in the trade. They have put the various cable reels and LED spotlights through their paces under real conditions. They were all enthusiastic. See for yourself and read the practice reports of the professionals.