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Wireless sockets with remote control – installation in less than 5 minutes!

Remotely controlling electronic devices through wireless plugs is just for technology professionals? Nothing of the sort! All brennenstuhl® wireless sockets with remote control can be installed and put into operation, easy as pie, in just a few minutes. No technical expertise is required. Putting the batteries into the remote control really is the most challenging step.

controlling remote sockets with a remote control

Apart from the RCS Comfort sets, all of the brennenstuhl® brand remote control sets are self-learning: they don’t need to have any system codes programmed in by hand or to be synchronised during set-up – the devices do it all on their own. In order to prevent faults, there are more than 16 million randomly selected codes available for remote operation. We thus guarantee that your neighbour can use the same set without accidentally controlling your devices.

Setting up wireless sockets with remote control: it’s this easy

1. Put the batteries provided into the remote control with the poles correctly oriented.

putting the batteries in

2. Plug the wireless plug into the desired wall socket.

pluggin the wireless plug into the wall socket

3. Press the button of the remote control socket for approx. three seconds in order to start learn mode. The function light will blink for about 30 seconds.

Learn mode

4. While the light is blinking, press the ON button (A, B, C or D) on the remote control which you want to pair with the remote control socket. When the light on the plug illuminates continuously, the learning process is completed.

learning mode

5. You can now connect the desired device to the remote control socket and conveniently turn it on and off via remote control. The function light on the plug always indicates the switching state while doing so.

turning remote socket on and off

No reinstallation of the remote control sockets required, even if the power is interrupted

What’s more, the button allocation selected remains saved even when the remote control socket is not connected to the power supply. If there should happen to be a power failure or you want to move a device, including the remote control socket, to another wall socket then you are saved the effort of repeating synchronisation with the remote control.

Want to learn more about our wireless sockets with remote control? Discover detailed product information for the brennenstuhl® remote control sets here.


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