Youtuber größte Steckdosenleiste der Welt

The world’s biggest extension lead?

Our hero of the month for March 2018 is what is said to be the world’s biggest extension lead! That, at least, is how UFO Youtuber Felix von der Laden – known from TV, among other things – describes our Premium-Protect-Line extension lead with 120.000 A overvoltage protection.

With now over 3 million subscribers, Felix is one of Germany’s best-known Youtubers. With vlogs he documents his everyday life, reporting, for example, on his trips, various events, or even just on what is happening at the UFO.
The UFO is an office that Felix has built up with four other Youtubers and from where videos are produced every day for the members’ channels.

In an unboxing video on his channel, Youtuber Felix von der Laden – also known as Dner – presents an extended version of the Premium Protect Line extension lead with 18 sockets and 4 USB sockets, having already been using the standard version of the Premium Protect Line with 12 sockets.

The perfect extension lead for gamers!

In addition to the channel “Felix von der Laden”, Felix also operates the channel “Dner”, which is used purely for “let’s play” videos. In the “let’s play” videos, which are recorded every day, the viewers follow the Youtuber as he plays and comments on a wide variety of computer games.
In order that the complete gaming setup is optimally supplied with electricity and is protected by overvoltage protection, high-quality multiple leads, such as the Premium Protect Line, should be used.

So if, like Felix, you are an ambitious gamer and require the optimal gamer extension lead for your gaming setup, you will find it here.

extension lead with overvoltage protection

Premium Protect Line 120.000 A 12-socket

Otherwise, simply see for yourself as Felix and his colleagues at the UFO unpack and examine the world’s biggest extension lead full of enthusiasm.

Simply watch from minute 19:53 to 23:10 and then again from minute 28:00 and feel free to write to us in the comments which features a high-end gamer extension lead should have in your opinion.


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