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The must-have for your toolbox – the compact LED floodlight

A hammer, a cutter knife or even the good old pencil – all are part of the basic contents of your toolbox.
To allow you to complete your DIY in dark locations without electricity however, we can recommend something to you in the following that you shouldn’t miss out on when filling your toolbox.

The toolbox is the cornerstone of every professional craftsman or DIY enthusiast.
It contains important tools or accessories which can be used when carrying out repairs or other DIY work.
It’s probable that almost every one of you has a toolbox at home,
after all, there’s always something to do between your own four walls.

The toolbox – what belongs inside it?

Unfortunately, there are no laws or standards to dictate everything that belongs in your toolbox. However, there are definitely important accessories for your toolbox which will illuminate your ideas.
May we introduce our hero of the month?

LED Baustrahler

The handy, rechargeable 10 W LED floodlight, which, thanks to its compact design, fits perfectly in every toolbox, or even in your work trousers. This powerful little showman also convinces with the following highlights ..

Protection type IP54
Can be used without hesitation outdoors if you’re doing some DIY outside
With 2 different brightness levels
50% brightness: light duration of 6 hours or with full brightness; 100%: light duration of 3 hours
The latest battery technology
Thanks to the lithium ion battery, the floodlight has a long lifespan and the battery power only dissipates slowly
Powerbank function
Is your smartphone battery flat? Not a problem – simply connect the smartphone to the floodlight using the USB charging cable provided
Impact and fall resistant – protection class III
Die cast aluminium casing, high-quality plastic edge protection and drop resistant from heights of up to 2 m
Stable, multi-level folding frame
Thanks to the multi-level folding frame, the floodlight can be used both flexibly and according to your requirements


LED Baustrahler PowerbankLED Baustrahler

The bottom line
We think the rechargeable LED floodlight is an absolute must-have for every toolbox! Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned professional or a brave beginner – at dark locations without electricity, you can’t do your DIY without the right light supply.


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