Test winner – 10-year smoke detector

Smoke detectors and CO alarms save lives!

Test winner Smoke detector

“That won’t happen to me” – someone might think this, overlooking how quickly a fire can develop.

Many fires arise due to technical defects, not, for instance, because someone has handled fire carelessly. If this takes place at night, the inhabitants often do not notice the fire or the smoke development at all, since everyone in the house is asleep and, consequently, they do not realise the danger.
However, when fires occur, it is the smoke development that is particularly life-threatening for people. Here, there are minutes to decide whether one can get to safety or not. Many victims become unconscious while sleeping and then suffocate. The most frequent cause of death when fires occur is not the fire itself, but the smoke.

Approximately 600 people die annually in Germany due to fires, the majority of them in private households. As little as three inhalations of highly toxic fire smoke can be deadly.
Smoke detectors could prevent some of these tragedies!

Why we should have such a protector for the house and apartment

Startling facts:

  • In the event of a fire, there are, on average, only about 4 minutes to escape. However, after 2 minutes in the smoke, smoke poisoning can already be deadly.
  • 70% of fire deaths take place at night but only 35% of fires take place at night. Accordingly, protection by means of fire detectors is required especially then.
  • Electrical defects – not, for instance, carelessness – are frequent causes of fires.

test winner with the grade GOOD (2,2)For a few years, smoke detectors have been obligatory for new and converted buildings, but also for existing buildings, in many German federal states (e.g. Thuringia, Saarland, Hamburg…).
The transition period for Baden-Württemberg ended on 31 December 2014.
Bavaria followed suit at the end of 2017. Thuringia, Berlin and Brandenburg will follow in 2018 and 2020 respectively.

To mark this, we have decided to present our smoke detector RM L 3100 as the hero of the month for February.

This was tested by Stiftung Warentest with the issue 01/2018 and was awarded as test winner with the grade GOOD (2,2).

The test includes many different reviews. Convince yourself of it and learn even more about the winner under the following link:

Moreover, the brennenstuhl® RM L 3100 smoke detector impresses with the following properties:
Rauchmelder Testsieger

  • VdS-tested according to DIN EN 14604, quality seal Q.
  • Operational for 10 years without battery change.
  • 3 V lithium battery built into the device for constant functional reliability.
  • Visual display of the function, with test button for functional check.
  • Includes mute function in the case of false alarm and “do not disturb function” when the battery level is low.
  • Penetrating alarm signal 85 dB.
  • Visual and acoustic signal when battery level is low.
  • Attachment material included.

The quality seal “Q” is an independent quality mark and stands for high-quality smoke detectors with tested durability and very high safety from false alarms.
The “Q” mark as a registered trademark of Forum Brandrauchprävention e.V. is licensed to manufacturers for smoke detectors if the detector type in question fulfils the requirements of vfdb guideline 14/01. This is determined by an independent test institute accredited for the technical testing of smoke detectors and documented by means of a certificate.
For this reason, we are a member of: Rauchmelder retten Leben (Smoke Detectors Save Lives)

Organisation Rauchmelder retten Leben (Smoke Detectors Save Lives)

More information: www.rauchmelder-lebensretter.de


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