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A mobile rechargeable LED floodlight sets the tone for you

You’re thinking: “Oh, yet another LED floodlight?” Then this is a good reason for you to read this article on our hero of the month, BLUMO. The new mobile rechargeable LED floodlight BLUMO is much more than just any other LED construction light. As with our hero of the month DARGO this brennenstuhl® mobile LED work light also has a very special function: BLUMO plays music!!

Because music makes the work easier

BLUMO – the mobile rechargeable LED floodlight with Bluetooth speaker and impressive sound quality

And how does it work? Activate the Bluetooth using the switch on the back of the light which switches on the blue LED. Then, switch on Bluetooth on your smartphone and connect to “HB Blumo 1”. An acoustic signal confirms that the connection has been established. That’s it! Now you can listen to your music via the speaker on the work light. The volume is controlled via the smartphone.

brennenstuhl® presents the mobile LED rechargeable floodlight BLUMO

The new BLUMO LED spotlight is available in two versions. The already proven first model is available with 20 Watt, 2100 Lumen and 2x 3 Watt speakers. The new member of the BLUMO product line is even more powerful. At 30 watts, it delivers 3000 lumens and has an even better sound quality with 2x 5-watt speakers. Thanks to the IP54 certification of both spotlights, they are not only suitable for indoor use on construction sites, but also do a great job when working in or around the house.
Both BLUMO are stepwise dimmable. When switched on, the construction spotlights shine with full brightness. When the on/off switch is pressed again, the brightness is first set to 50%, then to 10%. This extends the lighting time accordingly. The three switching levels for the light also influence the battery life of the spotlight. So you can work with BLUMO for up to 15 hours and of course listen to music while doing so.

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Battery dead? The rechargeable LED floodlight is your powerbank

Is the battery in your smartphone drained from listening to music? Of course, brennenstuhl® has already thought about this interrelated problem. The solution: The integrated powerbank function.

The USB connection is located on the back of the LED floodlight and is protected from dust deposits and sprayed water with a transparent sealing cap. To charge your device, you must remove the sealing cap and connect your smartphone via a USB charging cable. Don’t forget to put the sealing cap back on once your device is charged.

BLUMO tells you when the power goes out on the LED floodlight

The charging and status display of the construction light informs you about the status of the replaceable lithium-ion battery. When the work light is switched on, BLUMO displays the battery status indicator via four LEDs and shows the current charging status of the battery. If all 4 LEDs are lit, the battery is fully charged.

And now there is one more practical function: If the battery is almost flat, the LED light will flash five times. The battery status indicator then flashes constantly. From this time, the LED floodlight remains on for 5-10 minutes with reduced brightness before it is switched off by the integrated deep discharge protection function. This ensures you have sufficient time to change the battery or complete the work.

We also recommend that you completely flatten the integrated battery once before first using the floodlight, and then charging it completely with the supplied mains adapter or vehicle charging cable. The charging socket for the battery can also be found under the transparent sealing cap on the back of the construction light. You can also use the rechargeable floodlight while it is charging. Although in this case, only with 50% brightness.

Bright floodlights also for places without a charging connection

Mobile Rechargeable LED Floodlight BLUMO

Mobile, stationary or with a tripod

The tilt angle of the light can be changed depending on your needs using the adjustable holding bracket. The LED floodlight can be secured onto a brennenstuhl® tripod using winged screws.

BLUMO, accessories and spare parts

All information, accessories and spare parts for the standard version of BLUMO can be found on the BLUMO2000 product detail page.

All information, accessories and spare parts for the more powerful BLUMO can be found on the BLUMO3000 product detail page.


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