LED Arbeitsstrahler DARGO

The all-rounder LED work lamp

A magnetic LED work lamp with a battery and cable, and even tripod-mountable?

All of that in one sounds inconceivable, but DARGO, our hero of the month, makes the impossible possible!

Ever since the end of October, we’ve been tormented by the fact that the clocks have gone back: or rather the dark time of year and the short days. You get the feeling that night is longer than day – bad conditions for any professional craftsmen and hobbyist handymen who want to swing a hammer and chisel after work.
The solution:  an LED floodlight which can act as a super bright work lamp around the house or even on the construction site.

There are as many LED work lights which can work as a bright work lamp as there are grains of sand at the beach – time for something new: DARGO.

scaffold clamp

An LED work lamp with a battery and a cable – does that actually work?

Almost every craftsman or handyman has probably asked themselves the following question before buying a work lamp: Am I going to go for a work lamp with a battery or one with a cable? brennenstuhl® has the answer:  DARGO mobile hybrid LED floodlight.

The LED work lamp has a hybrid function. This function makes it possible to operate the outdoor work lamp using the removable 5m power cable and the integrated lithium-ion battery.

Double security thanks to the hybrid function

What if there’s a sudden power cut?

No problem thanks to the hybrid function! As soon as the power fails, the LED work lamp can be used with battery mode. Of course, the work lamp also runs with the battery directly. The cable can be easily screwed in or unscrewed for this purpose. To preserve the battery and extend the battery lifetime, the LED construction lamp has 3 levels: 100%, 50% and 10% brightness.

The portable LED work lamp with a rubber surface for optimal grip is an ideal light source on construction sites. The work lamp can be used without any problems under tough conditions thanks to its impact-resistant and shock-resistant case.

LED work lamp with magnet, power bank, etc.

Perfect accessory – work lamp with scaffold clamp or magnetic holder

scaffold clamp or magnetic holder

You’ll probably know this: it’s difficult to achieve perfect lighting of your work space in some corners, places, and situations. Thanks to the optional scaffold clamp, the work lamp can be attached to scaffolding – so it’s even possible to work on construction sites in the dark! The optional magnetic holder is also an ideal accessory for our work lamp. Simply attach the floodlight to metal surfaces and see everything without having to trail your work lamp behind you.

Portable work lamp with a power bank function

work lamp with a power bank function

 If you’re out and about and the battery on your smartphone runs out, that’s no problem either: DARGO can actually also be used as a power bank. Simply plug your smartphone into the back of the floodlight using a USB cable and your device will be charged using the integrated lithium-ion battery.

LED battery work lamp with a tripod

work lamp with tripod

Are you reliant on a specific level of light for working, or do you want to perfectly illuminate the floor? That’s no problem either – the LED work lamp has a fold-out, adjustable mounting bracket which is intended to be installed on or attached to a brennenstuhl® tripod (both our tripods can be found here: 1170310 or 1170610).

 DARGO is a real all-rounder work lamp which won’t let you down in the event of a power cut!


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