Gartenarbeit leicht gemacht – mit der richtigen Gartenkabeltrommel

Gardening made easy – with the right garden cable reel

Whether it’s an electric lawnmower or electric hedge clippers – almost every electric garden appliance requires the right extension cable to operate. But which extension cable or which cable reel is suitable for the garden? We’ll show you how to find the perfect garden cable reel or the right garden extension cable and how to master your gardening without frustration.

Spring is closing in, the temperatures are slowly rising – time to get ready for the gardening season. To really enjoy barbecue evening in summer, as every year, the garden must be brought to good order.
The perfect garden has the beautifully mowed short, moss-free lawn or the perfectly trimmed hedge. We often use electric tools for this which rely on the right power supply. Here, not all extension cables are equal!
Here, you will learn how to find the perfect extension cable for your lawnmower and when you would be better opting for a garden cable reel.

Finding the right extension cable for outdoors

Before buying a suitable extension cable for your gardening work, you should always know and keep in mind the following four things.

  • For safety reasons, the cable should always be visible on the lawn. For this, the extension cable should always be fitted with a red cable
  • In the garden, cables come into contact with moisture and spray, which is why the cable should have at least protection class IP44.
  • The cable must be able to withstand the cold, like the BREMAXX® cable, for example, which can be used at temperatures as low as -35°C and is also oil and UV resistant.
  • The cable must have an extra robust safety plug and socket with a sealing cap.

You now also require the right cable length for your extension cable, which depends on how you intend to use it. Below, you will find the different lengths of extension cables which meet the requirements mentioned above and are therefore ideally suited to your garden. All garden extension cables listed below also meet Made in Germanythe quality feature “Made in Germany”.

Depending on its use, you should rely on a special garden cable reel.Kupplung Verlängerungskabel
These are different from conventional cable reels as they have been developed especially for garden applications such as electric lawnmowers. Below, we will show you what to look out for and which is the right extension for your lawnmower.


Finding the perfect garden cable reel

For garden cable reels, the same requirements apply as with the extension cables described above.
However, there is a crucial difference between a garden cable reel and a conventional cable reel.
brennenstuhl® garden cable reels are fitted with a socket insert which includes a 2m connection cable. This is precisely the reverse of a normal cable reel and therefore the reel remains by the socket. At the end of the uncoilable cable, there is a socket into which all possible garden appliances can be plugged. This gives you more of a range when working with electrical appliances in the garden. A further advantage over extension cables is that with the cable reel, the cable can be perfectly stored and transported in a coiled state.

brennenstuhl® garden cable reels also have other features, as you can see below at a glance.

Gartenkabeltrommel Infografik EN

Aside from the cable length, the brennenstuhl® garden cable reel distinguishes itself thanks to the additional function Bretec® rotary contact. Using this rotary contact technique, the cable reel turns without the socket insert turning as well.

Garden cable reels with the rotary contact technique are available in the following versions

Garden cable reels without Bretec® technology are available with  23 + 2m cable or in versions with 38 + 2m cable.

Several garden appliances? How about a garden multi-socket adaptor?

With an extension cable or garden cable reel, only one appliance can ever be connected to the power supply at any one time. So why not use an outdoor multi-socket adaptor?

Of course, you are familiar with the conventional indoor socket strips which can connect your TV appliances, lamps, chargers etc. These are available in all possible variations, no matter whether it’s with or without surge protection, with master/slave function etc.
So why not use a socket strip in the garden?

OK, not a problem, as long as you choose a special garden socket strip, because these also have to fulfil certain features just like an extension cable or a cable reel for the garden.

  • The switch should always have a protective cover to protect it against spray
  • The sockets must be sealed and have self-closing lids to protect them from dust and spray.
  • A shatter-proof plastic casing ensures that the multi-socket adaptor can also be used in tougher conditions.

The Super-Solid SL 554, for example, has precisely these features and is also fitted with a stable hook to hang it up.

Super-Solid SL 554 DE IP54 Garden Multi-Socket Adaptor 5x with 5m cable

No matter which type of power distribution you decide on for your garden – it is important for safety reasons that you use products with the features mentioned above.
Then there’s nothing else in the way of frustration-free gardening!

You can also find other exciting items here in our brennenstuhl® selection of themes.


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