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Caravan adventure – with the perfect electricity supply thanks to the camping cable reel

Whether you’re a professional camper or new to camping and wherever you’re travelling to – having the right electricity supply during your holiday on four wheels is compulsory!
We show you how to find the ideal camping cable reel and the things you should be certain to look out for.

Watch out – the camping season is on its way!
Around one in three of us is planning their camping holiday, equipping the car accordingly or is already on the motorway, heading to their holiday destination.
But the perfect four-wheeled holiday involves much more than just your means of transport, as only the right camping equipment can make your holiday completely comfortable and unforgettable.

That equipment always includes the right electricity distribution system, or in other words, the right cable reel for your camping holiday. Many of you may now be wondering “but why do you need electricity in your caravan?”
It’s quite simple: the plug sockets in your caravan don’t work without the right power connection! Many appliances also only work with shore power.
Of course, you could also just do without things such as your beloved coffee maker, the television set or the air conditioning.
However, I strongly believe that such sacrifices wouldn’t meet with your holiday expectations.
This is why we’re helping you out with the topic “Electricity supply in the caravan” and hopefully answering the question of “which cable reel should I take camping?”

One thing you should definitely know before we begin – if you are new to camping:
the power connections at the camp-site are provided in distribution boxes which contain two types of power connections: CEE connections and protective contact connections. Yet these distribution boxes may not necessarily be within close proximity of your camping spot.
.. So, you may now be able to see why a power extension cable is indispensable at the camp-site.

In the following, you will find out which cable reel for the caravan is right for you and what you should definitely look out for before buying one.

The ideal camping cable reel has the following characteristics ..

  • Protection type IP44 should be fulfilled, which means the camping cable reel can be used outdoors without any problems
  • Robust rubber cable
  • a clearly visible cable – good to know: in Italy, only orange coloured cables can be used
  • Fitted with a blue CEE plug 230 V/16 A and a CEE angle connector
  • An indicator light in case of overheating

The Garant G CEE IP44 camping/maritime cable reel is a convincing choice, for example, thanks to these precise characteristics, and also features the innovative “CABLEPILOT” pendulum handle. This allows you to keep your hands free during its transportation, makes it easy hang it up, and means that the cable can be rolled out and back in very quickly.

 Campingkabeltrommel Made in Germany


Compared with other camping reels, the cable reel is also fitted with a CEE angle connector which is used with a 2m-long cable. This serves as a kind of “integrated extension” which makes it ideally suitable for a direct connection to your caravan.
This means that the CEE reel doesn’t have to be dragged here and there, but can stay in one place – or better still, next to your caravan.

This might also interest you:

A follow-up model of this CEE cable reel is anticipated to become available in July of this year, featuring a shockproof output on the angle connector.
If we’ve awakened your interest, take a look at our website or visit us on Facebook,
and keep yourself up to date.

The bottom line

We believe that a camping cable reel is part of your basic camping equipment!
Regardless of where you’re going on your travels – safety always takes priority. That’s why it is even more important for you to set great store by the cable reel characteristics mentioned above and take them into consideration when making your purchase.


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