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Cable reels with protection type and cable quality

Do you know the difference between protection type IP44 for short-term and continuous use outdoors?

Confusion often arises when purchasing a cable reel. On one cable reel, protection type IP44 for short-term use outdoors is indicated and then one sees exactly the same cable reel and also reads protection type IP44, but for continuous use outdoors.

Both cable reels have a plastic body on a zinc-coated supporting frame, with 3 Schuko sockets, which are splash-proof and have self-closing covers. Additionally, both cable reels have a black, 40m-long cable.
Visually, they are still exactly the same cable reel.
What’s that all about?!

How do you recognize this difference?

The difference between these cable reels is not in this protection type, but in the cable type!

Schutzartzen und Kabelqualität

The cable reel for short-term use outdoors (RR) is a version with cladding and an insulating cover for the single conductors made of flexible natural or synthetic rubber. In contrast, the cable reel for continuous use outdoors (RN) has cladding made of neoprene, which is also oil-resistant. Nothing happens to this cable type, even if it is exposed to constant heat, sunlight or pouring rain, snow, or simply the cold.

This difference seems, at least, to be clear.

However, the next question now arises: What does “short-term” mean?
Short-term can be interpreted as 5 minutes; however, short-term can also be 1 hour or longer.
Here is the explanation: short-term refers to the time spend working outdoors. For example, you are working in the garden and you saw several wooden boards into small pieces using a jigsaw. The jigsaw requires electricity, which comes from this cable reel, which can be used extremely well outside during this work, without any problems. Once you are finished with this work, you store the cable reel in a light-protected, dry place again. Because the cable type is simply not designed for constant use in all weather conditions.

This example applies to all garden work or work around the house.

Schutzarte Flexen Kurt Garten

A cable reel with the cable type for continuous use outdoors can be left outdoors after the work, during extended absence or otherwise, without any concerns. This cable reel with this cable type is designed for all weather conditions.

For orientation, here is a list of all the cable qualities:

Kabelqualitäten Erklärungen


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