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brennenstuhl® Tower Power - Retractable extension lead for installation

Are you looking specifically for a retractable extension lead that or a mountable table extension lead? Then the brennenstuhl® Tower Power multiple extension lead is ideal, as it is designed for installation in the worktop. They are ideal for placement on the desk, in the kitchen or even on various cupboards.

The retractable brennenstuhl® Tower Power extension lead is available with an on/off switch and 3 protective contact sockets each with increased touch protection, optionally with two USB charging connections and with 2x USB and 2x LAN connection (LAN-RJ45).

The advantages of a retractable extension lead

  • Disorder or cable clutter on the desk or worktop is avoided.
  • Problems with switching on and off due to impractical positioning of the extension lead are prevented.
  • The sources of danger dust and dirt as well as overheating due to overloading of the extension leads are defused.
  • The retractable power strip also makes it easier to sort cables and ensures a tidy workplace.

More order through retractable extension leads

The practical thing about retractable extension leads is that you can extend and retract the extension lead as required. This means that you have your sockets within easy reach when you need them and do not have to install a standard extension lead that takes up unnecessary space on your desk when you do not need it.