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Holiday trend 2021: Camping adventures with camping cable reel

The camping season is about to start! Around one in three people are now planning their camping holiday, so they are fitting out their vehicle, taking care of the necessary equipment, or are even already on the motorway heading for their holiday destination. But the perfect holiday on four wheels is much more than just your means of transport, because only the right camping accessories make your holiday really enjoyable and unforgettable.

No matter whether you are a camping pro or a camping novice, wherever your journey may take you - the right power supply during your holiday on four wheels is a must! That's why you'll find the ideal camping cable reel at brennenstuhl®. Sockets in the motorhome won't work without the right power connection! Especially on holiday, you don't want to do without things like your beloved coffee machine, the TV or the air conditioning. For this reason, we help you with the topic of "Electricity for camping" and answer the question "Which cable drum for camping?

Provided you are a camping novice, it is good to know that the electricity connections at the campsite can be found at the distribution board, in which normally are two types of electricity connections: CEE connections and earth contact sockets - More information on "Electricity at the campsite", can be found here. Since these distribution boxes are not necessarily in the immediate vicinity of the campsite, brennenstuhl® has the suitable camping cable drum with a cable length of 25 metres especially for campers.

The ideal camping cable drum has the following features

IP44 protection - which means the camping cable drum can be used outdoors without any problems, because it is protected against foreign bodies and splash water.

Robust rubber cable - A highly visible cable in the signal colour orange protects against tripping hazards. The cable may be a maximum of 25 metres long, requires a conductor cross-section of at least 2.5mm² and is protected against petrol, oil and other liquids by rubber insulation. A rubber cable is also insensitive to the effects of weather and UV radiation.

The camping power distribution is equipped with a blue CEE plug, which can now be used as standard throughout Europe and is used to connect the camping cable drum to the distribution board.

Safety cut-out and overheating protection - provide even more safety in the event of a possible overload of the CEE cable drum.

Differences between brennenstuhl® camping cable reels

The brennenstuhl® camping cable drum with angled coupling has two advantages compared to other camping drums: The angled CEE coupling on a 2m long connection cable is ideal for direct connection next to the vehicle. This means that the CEE drum can easily remain in one place, or rather right next to your motorhome. In addition, there is a earth contact socket on the back of the angled coupling for connecting further devices.

The Garant® CEE camping cable drum by brennenstuhl® differs from other camping cable drums in that it has two earth contact sockets with self-closing covers for connecting further devices. In addition, this CEE drum has a 25m long cable, CEE plugs and a CEE socket.

The Garant® CEE 230V camping cable drum with 25m long cable is a pure CEE cable drum with two CEE sockets for permanent outdoor use.