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Halogen & LED floodlight

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Light is available in numerous different versions – no matter for which purpose you need a light source, be it a wall lamp for outdoor areas or rather a rechargeable LED construction light available to you during works on the construction site.

The filter function will help you to easily find the correct product for your application.

By means of the following purchase advice, you will certainly find the correct mobile LED floodlight, halogen light or also outdoor lamp for your application



Are there LED floodlights without cable? The solution: Rechargeable LED construction lights

Sometimes, the excessively long cable at the LED floodlight may be annoying and at the same time a dangerous tripping hazard. Particularly on construction sites, the flexible lighting and particularly a reliable and robust construction light are a basic prerequisite. Here, a rechargeable construction light is the solution.

LED construction light - the perfect construction site illumination LED construction light

The days get shorter, the nights longer – But that is no reason to suspend construction site works. Construction lights provide for a portable light source which can be placed anywhere. Work lights are not only perfectly suited for use on construction sites or in workshops, but also for renovation works at home, for example painting works.

How do you recognise a good LED construction light – the most important purchase criteria

In order to find the suitable rechargeable construction light for the construction site, you should watch out for some criteria which will simplify the hard craftwork.
Stability On construction sites, consideration is not common – so a robust and stable housing of the rechargeable construction light are a prerequisite
Brightness The brightness is generally specified in Lumen. How many Lumen a construction light requires depends on the application
Battery type It is known that lithium-ion batteries are the most powerful ones and distinguish themselves by their durability. Apart from that, you benefit from low self-discharge – thanks to latest battery technology
Battery performance The capacity of the LED construction light battery should be sufficient in order to operated it for several hours
Switching levels You do not always imperatively need the full light intensity of the construction light. By means of the switching levels, you not only individually adjust the brightness level, you simultaneously extend the performance of the construction site light
IP protection type In order to allow for smooth operation of the working light on the construction site, protection type IP44 is recommended. This protection stands for “foreign-body- and splash water-protected”


How do you attach outdoor wall lamps correctly and at which height should an LED wall lamp ideally be attached?

Outdoor wall lamps for perfect illumination in outdoor areas

In connection with house entrances or also courtyard entrances, an LED wall lamp is indispensable. The outdoor wall lamps feature little power consumption and thus long service life. This is due to the powerful LEDs by means of which you can save up to 80% energy.

How to attach LED wall lamps correctly

For the assembly of the wall lamp, there should in any case be a power connection – just follow the video to see how to attach outdoor wall lamps correctly and safely.


Attaching outdoor wall lamps at an ideal height

For the height of an outdoor wall lamp, there is generally no specification; however ideally, an LED wall lamp for outdoor areas should be attached at a height of 1.8 to 2.5 above the floor. It should particularly be ensured that the wall lamp is not attached at a reachable height. This not only prevents disturbing glaring as you no longer look directly into the LEDs but moreover prevents a possible, undesired disassembly of the wall lamp.


Purchasing an LED floodlight as burglary protection?

LED floodlights with motion sensor – an energy-saving burglary protection

More than half of the burglaries takes place in the evenings or during night as burglars intentionally make use of the cover of darkness.
The correct illumination, however, i.e. a lamp with motion sensor, will scare off undesired guests and simultaneously rout them.

So, floodlights with a motion sensor not only serve the energy-saving and automated illumination around the house but also effective burglary protection. They can be operated in a time-controlled manner and are moreover perfectly suited for retrofitting.

Where is the best place to attach floodlights with motion sensor?LED floodlights with motion sensor

So that the lamp with motion sensor can also be reasonably used as burglary protection, it should be mounted at the correct, i.e. vulnerable places. That means that floodlights with a sensor should not only be attached at entrance areas but also at places which undesired guests imperatively have to sneak past – be it around your garden or also driveways. So everywhere, where burglars can perfectly gain access to the house. It should moreover be ensured that the outdoor floodlight is attached at a height preventing manipulation. It should also be possible to perfectly use the detection area and angle.

How to adjust the motion sensor of your outdoor lamp correctly

A floodlight with motion sensor should generally be attached at a place where motions are to be detected or also monitored.
The outdoor lamp should moreover be mounted so that the detection range and also the detection angle can be perfectly used.
The height at which the sensor is mounted is also decisive.
So that no dogs, cats and mice trigger automatic light but only movements of human beings, the floodlight with motion detector should be attached high enough.

The switch-on duration can normally be individually controlled. The switch-on duration specifies how long the floodlight with motion detector is to be illuminated as soon as it detects movements.
Tip: The light in the driveway or also at the house entrance should be illuminated until you are safely in the house. Depending on the distance, you should rather choose a longer switching duration.


Which light colour is recommended for an LED floodlight?

Finding the suitable light colour or colour temperature for your lamps and floodlights

The colour temperature is the light colour of the floodlight, specified in Kelvin. You generally distinguish between three different light colours: Warm white, neutral white and daylight white.
light colour colour temperature

Warm white light is similar to the colour of a sunset, i.e. it shines in yellow and orange tones. This light colour is recommended for comfortable and relaxed times.

Neutral white light: as compared to the warm white light, it does not have a warm, i.e. yellowish colour cast. Here, contrasts are better visible, details can be represented in a clearer manner.

Daylight white light: the name is self-explanatory. This light colour almost corresponds to real daylight. With increasing colour temperature, the light becomes more and more blueish, and consequently quite glaring.
This light colour is perfectly suitable for working light, be it in the workshop or also on the construction site. Apart from that, this light stimulates and promotes concentration.

So, the suitable colour temperature depends on the application and the place of use.

Which light colour is suitable for outdoor illumination?

For outdoor areas, an LED floodlight with neutral white up to daylight white light colour is recommended.
Why? Courtyard and garage entrances are predestined for perfect illumination, i.e. illumination almost as bright as daylight.

Which IP protection type for outdoor lamps?

Which IP protection is necessary for your outdoor illuminationoutdoor wall lamps

Safe illumination in outdoor areas has become essential – no matter whether the LED floodlight lights up your house entrance or provides light in the garden, one thing is clear:
Outdoor floodlights must withstand wind and weather.
Here, the IP protection type of the LED floodlight is decisive. The outdoor lamps should not only be protected against possible rainfall, i.e. humidity, but also against foreign bodies, such as dust, for example.

What does “IP protection type” mean?

“IP” stands for International Protection (often, however, also Ingress Protection). The IP protection type consists of two indicators.
The first figure specifies the protection against solid foreign bodies – the second figure, however, stands for the protection against water.

An overview of the most important IP protection types for your outdoor lamps

IP44 Protected against foreign objects and splashing water
Floodlights and lamps that are attached at the house wall or under the roof should satisfy this protection type. Path lights or a house number light requires the same protection type.
IP44 is considered the minimum protection type for outdoor lamps and is thus often recommended.

IP54 Protected against dust and sprayed water
This protection type only differs in the first figure standing for the protection against dust and other foreign bodies.

IP65 Dust-tight and protected against water-jets

Conclusion: LED floodlights or lamps for outdoor areas should at least feature protection type IP44 in order to be protected against rain and dust!