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brennenstuhl®Connect FAQ

How do I integrate brennenstuhl®Connect products into Google Home/Google Assistant?

  • 01. Put the Google Home into operation

  • 02. Use "+" to add new devices

  • 03. Select "Device Setup"

  • 04. Select "Compatible with Google devices"

  • 05. Enter "Brennenstuhl" or "Brennenstuhl connect" in the search bar and select the service "brennenstuhl connect"

  • 06. Log in with your brennenstuhl®Connect account data. Then click "Connect immediately"

  • 07. Authorize Google Assistant

  • 08. Select the brennenstuhl®Connect product and assign it to the room

  • 09. Now you can control your brennenstuhl®Connect product via app or voice

Set up voice control: Integration of brennenstuhl®Connect products in Amazon Alexa

To connect the brennenstuhl®Connect products to Amazon Alexa, download the Amazon Alexa App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  • 01. Put Amazon Alexa into operation

  • 02. Go to the menu, select "Skills and games"

  • 03. Search for the "brennenstuhl®Connect" skill

  • 04. Select "ENABLE FOR USE"

  • 05. Log in with your brennenstuhl®Connect account data. Then click on "Connect immediately"

  • 06. Authorize Amazon Alexa

  • 07. In the following you will receive the link confirmation. Please close the window

  • 08. In the Amazon Alexa App, select "RECOGNIZE DEVICES"

  • 09. Alexa searches for devices

  • 10. The devices found are displayed

  • 11. Select your device and set up your device

  • 12. The setup is complete. You can now control your brennenstuhl®Connect product via app or voice command

Setup: Wifi product not found during installation

Depending on the type of smartphone, your device has the function that mobile data is automatically used again in case of bad WLAN connections or no Internet. Check the display of your device to see if the WLAN symbol is shown or if mobile data such as LTE, 3G, H, H+ are used.

If the smartphone is connected to the WLAN, a WLAN symbol appears in the display. Only then can the WiFi products be trained in the same WLAN network.

Alternatively, you can disable the option "Automatically use mobile data in case of bad WLAN" on your device until the WiFi product is set up.

Setup: Setup cannot be completed because the WLAN network is not found

If several routers, a repeater or guest WLAN are in use, to which the smartphone can connect automatically, it is important to make sure that the smartphone is in the same WLAN network as the WLAN information entered in the brennenstuhl®Connect App. Only then can the WiFi product be taught to the router.

Setup: WiFi product setup - At 100% no device is found

Router with WLAN 2.4 and 5 GHz
To set up the WiFi products, the WiFi product and the mobile device must be in the 2.4 GHz network. We recommend switching off the 5 GHz network during installation, as the mobile device cannot connect to the WiFi product if the smartphone is in the 5 GHz network. The brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi products work with a 2.4 GHz WiFi module and can therefore only be registered with 2.4 GHz networks.

Devices & App: With which Smartphones can I use the brennenstuhl®Connect App?

The brennenstuhl®Connect App for controlling your WiFi products is compatible with all commercially available smartphones with Android or iOS.

  • brennenstuhl®Connect App for Android devices available in the Google Play Store
  • brennenstuhl®Connect iOS-App for Apple devices available in the Apple App Store

Devices & App: Where can I buy brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi products?

Simply click on the "Buy online" button on the product detail pages. A list of online shops and specialist dealers where our products are available will appear. By clicking on the dealer of your choice, you will be taken directly to the product page in their shop.

Devices & App: What does the app for controlling the brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi products cost? Are there any monthly costs for the usage?

The app is free of charge and there are no monthly costs or basic fees.

Use & Functions: Is there remote access to the WiFi products via VPN?

The WiFi products are operated via the brennenstuhl®Connect App. The app is connected via cloud, thus remote control is possible. Unfortunately we do not offer VPN remote access.

Use & Functions: Can the WiFi products be used without an Internet connection?

The WiFi products can be switched ON/OFF in the home WLAN without Internet. For the timer or countdown function, the Internet is required, as control is via the cloud.

Use & Functions: Compatibility list WiFi socket with 433MHz transmitter