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Ciasteczka pomagaja nam w udostepnianiu naszych uslug. Korzystajac z naszych uslug, wyrazaja Panstwo zgode na stosowanie przez nas ciasteczek. Dowiedz sie wiecej.

Przedłużacze Bębnowe FAQ

What connector systems are available through Brennenstuhl®?

Brennenstuhl® connector systems can be delivered to more than 150 countries around the world. You can find a detailed overview in the following list.

What connector systems are available through Brennenstuhl®?

How can one tell if a cable drum or extension cord is suitable for outdoor use?

The cable reel or extension cord should be splash-proof. This is indicated through the marking IP44. Plugs must possess self-closing caps. The connection should also be sealing with a cap. The plug must have a sealing pod. For industrial or trade use, the cable must be of at least HO7RN-F or similar quality, i.e. XYMM. The cable quality and type of protection are crucial. brennenstuhl products are correspondingly marked in the catalogue.

Can the cable reel's overheating protection unit be purchased as a replacement part?

Yes, overheating protection for cable reels can be ordered through our sales department.

Which cable is suitable for which use?

You will find an overview over the cable qualities with the following link.

For more information see catalog.

When does the overheat control in case of cable drums trigger and how does it work?

The overheat control triggers if temperatures in the core of the drum are too high. Such high temperatures arise if the cable has not been unwinded sufficiently and heat arises due to high current flow to the connected consuming devices (coil effect). If the current has been interrupted by the overheat control swith (bi-metal), please unwind cable completely, unplug device and let cable unwinding device cool down. After a few minutes you can connect the mains plaug again and press the pushbutton on the plug plate shortly. The current flow should be restored now. Should this not be the case after a longer while, it may be possible that the switch gets damaged due to overload and needs to be replaced. As replacement is very easy, you can just request a replacement. An expert is able to replace the part within only a few minutes. However, it is easier to always use the device fully unwinded in order to prevent triggering of the overheat control.

Why must cable drums be completely rolled out for heavy-duty jobs?

Cable winding devices like cable reels or cable boxes can become very hot in the centre of the rolled-up cable. For this reason temperature switches (overheating protection) are stipulated to interrupt the current at around 65 degrees Celsius. Without this overheating protection, the cable insulation can melt and lead to destruction or fire of the winding device. To prevent an unnecessary premature switch-off of the electricity, the cable roll should be unwound.

Jaka jest charakterystyka bębnów kablowych Brennenstuhl®?

  • Cablepilot
    Uchwyt wahadłowy jako uchwyt do przenoszenia, do praktycznego zawieszania oraz jako prowadnica liny podczas rozwijania i zwijania.
  • ROL’UP System automatycznego zwijania
    Wygodne zwijanie poprzez krótkie podciąganie zamiast używania długiej korby.
  • Bretec® -Komfort kontaktu obrotowego
    Ze względu na technologię styków obrotowych podczas odwijania i nawijania obraca się tylko bęben kabla, a nie wkładka do gniazda.
  • Garaż z wtyczką
    Dwa otwory w uchwycie wahadłowym do przechowywania korka.
  • Hamulec bębnowy
    Uchwyt kablowy na korpusie bębna do mocowania kabla.