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Robust LED site light

Bright, efficient and more power - We set new standards for your work light

Skilled craft is high performance, because just as in high-performance sports, you need endurance, power and efficiency at work. That is why working light should have the same properties to support craftsmen and women in their performance in the best possible way. The product lines and models of brennenstuhl® LED worklights are diverse and all with their individual characteristics are perfectly suited for a wide range of uses in the most diverse working environments.

professionalLINE LED site light X Series

Maximum power in an exciting design.

  • LED construction site light with best illumination by super bright OSRAM LEDs.
  • Infinitely dimmable from 10 % to 100 % for application-specific illumination.
  • Rubber edge protection for best stability and robust plastic housing - IK07.
  • With battery or RN cable - The cable is very robust, oil-resistant and particularly suitable for professional use.
  • The cable variants also have a splash-proof socket.

Rechargeable LED site light X 4000 MA

3800 Lumen, 40W, lighting up to 30h

LED site light X 8000 M

8300 Lumen, 80W, 5m RN-cable

LED site light X 12000 M

12100 Lumen, 120W, 5m RN-cable

LED Baustrahler Arbeitsstrahler X SERIE 38-min
LED Baustrahler Arbeitsstrahler X SERIE 39-min
LED Baustrahler Arbeitsstrahler X SERIE 40-min

LED site light DINORA

Glare-free working light, lightweight and yet extremely impact-resistant.

  • Glare-free work light, pleasant colour temperature of 5800 Kelvin.
  • Extremely light but robust LED site light for large-area illumination is ideal for commercial use according to BGI608 and for the demanding do-it-yourselfer.
  • Thanks to its IP65 protection rating and oil-resistant RN cable, the LED worklight is ideal for constant outdoor use.
  • LED construction spotlight with additional rubber edge protection on all four sides of the spotlight, impact resistance IK08.
  • High-quality SMD LEDs with extremely long life, low heat generation.
  • NEW: Mobile LED spotlight DINORA 8010 with splash-proof socket.

NEW: LED site light DINORA 8010 with socket

8000 Lumen, 70W, 3m RN-cable

NEW: LED site light DINORA 8010 with *FR* socket

8000 Lumen, 70W, 3m RN-cable

LED site light DINORA 3000

2500 Lumen, 24W, 3m RN-cable

LED site light DINORA 5000

5000 Lumen, 47W, 5m RN-cable

LED site light DINORA 8000

8000 Lumen, 70W, 5m RN-cable


LED site light TORAN

Smart lighting control on the construction site via app.

  • Thanks to Bluetooth® technology, the TORAN LED work light can be controlled quickly and easily via app: Infinitely adjust the luminous intensity, group several spotlights together or switch them on and off according to a time schedule.
  • The efficient, high-quality OSRAM LEDs installed in TORAN provide the best possible illumination.
  • All TORAN site lights are infinitely dimmable from 10% to 100% - of course simply by using the App.
  • TORAN are intelligent site lights that are durable thanks to their break-proof and impact-resistant plastic housing and rubber edge protection.
  • The TORAN site light with additional socket is protected according to IP54, the others are jet-proof according to IP55.
  • The mobile Bluetooth® LED spotlight TORAN is available in three versions.

Bluetooth LED site light TORAN 3000 MB

3000 Lumen, 30W, 5m RN-cable

Bluetooth rechargeable LED site light TORAN 4000 MBA

3800 Lumen, 40W, rechargeable and powerbank

Bluetooth LED site light TORAN 5000 MB

5000 Lumen, 46W, 5m RN-cable, with socket


LED site light DARGO

Hybrid LED work light DARGO - operation via rechargeable battery or cable.

  • With the DARGO hybrid LED site light, you no longer need to worry about a power failure. The mobile LED spotlight with hybrid technology allows either battery or mains operation with the integrated Li-Ion battery or the detachable 5m long RN cable. This feature allows maximum flexibility during work use.
  • In case of power failure or if the mains plug is pulled out, the LED site light automatically switches to battery operation and immediately provides 100% light. The hybrid enables automatic switching in both directions. When mains power is available again, the unit switches over to mains power.
  • LED work light with Powerbank function. The battery status of the LED spotlight is checked via the charge indicator.
  • DARGO is suitable for permanent outdoor use with protection class IP65. It has a solid housing and a rubberised surface, impact resistant according to IK07.
  • With the available scaffolding bracket or the magnetic bracket the application at different places of use is guaranteed.

Mobile Hybrid LED site light DARGO

3000 Lumen, 30W, rechargeable

Mobile Hybrid LED site light DARGO

4900 Lumen, 50W, rechargeable

LED Arbeitsstrahler Dargo-30-min
LED Arbeitsstrahler Dargo-29-min

LED site light BLUMO

LED work light BLUMO with Bluetooth® Speaker.

  • Listening to your own favourite music on the construction site is very easy with BLUMO thanks to the quick and uncomplicated connection of smartphone and site light via Bluetooth.
  • The mobile rechargeable battery-powered LED work light can be dimmed in three switching stages. Press the button on the back for 100%, 50% or 10% light intensity. In this way BLUMO provides up to 15h light duration.
  • The work light with best sound quality is dust and splash-proof with protection class IP54. In addition, the LED work light with sound is impact resistant according to IK07 with its housing made of high-quality plastic with rubber corners.
  • If the battery of your smartphone runs low while listening to music, that's no problem with BLUMO. The integrated Powerbank function allows charging of end devices via USB charging port.

Rechargeable LED site light BLUMO 2000 A

2100 Lumen, 20W, 2x 3W Bluetooth® Speacer

Rechargeable LED site light BLUMO 3000 A

3000 Lumen, 30W, 2x 5W Bluetooth® Speaker


LED site light JARO

LED work light series - Perfect for beginners.

  • JARO LED work lights are made of a robust aluminium housing and stand on a solid tubular steel frame. The front screen is made of safety glass. JARO can be swivelled continuously with just one hand and locked in place with a quick-release fastener.
  • JARO site lights are available without cable with battery operation, with mains operation via RN cable, as well as models with mains operation and including a tripod.
  • The LED worklights of the JARO series cover a wide range of total luminous flux. From 900 to 9310 lumen, there is the right luminous power for every application or requirement.
  • The mobile site lights of the JARO series are suitable for outdoor use. The tripod spotlights and JARO with cable comply with protection class IP65, models with rechargeable battery comply with protection class IP54.

JARO LED work lights

Rechargeable, with cable or with tripod


Mobiler LED Strahler JARO 9000 M

9310 Lumen, 100W, 5m RN-Kabel

Landingpage-LK2020-JARO-3-min (1)

Doppel Stativ LED Strahler JARO 6000T

2x 2930lm, 2x30W, inklusive Stativ

LK2020-Anwendungsbilder-Arbeitsstrahler Jaro-37-min
LK2020-Anwendungsbilder-Arbeitsstrahler Jaro-36-min
LK2020-Anwendungsbilder-Arbeitsstrahler Jaro-35-min