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Maximum load of a extension lead

How many watts can a extension lead take?

Do you sometimes feel insecure about the danger of which and how many devices you connect to your extension lead?  If you have ever wondered how much current is actually allowed to flow through a extension lead, then we can answer this question for you here.

Several devices can be connected to one extension lead, but only up to a certain maximum load. Otherwise there is an increased fire hazard. As a rule, the specifications of the capacity are printed on each extension lead. This is usually around 3,500 watts. The pictures clearly show how brennenstuhl® claims the maximum load capacity for extension leads. Occasionally, this can be higher for some extension leads. However, there are also some extension leads that can only withstand a lower load.

Connecting several devices to the extension lead

Connecting several devices to a extension lead means simultaneously loading the extension lead with a higher total power. Too high a load can be dangerous. Therefore, ask yourself how much power your power consumers and end devices generate and pay attention to how many watts the extension lead can tolerate in total.

With a simple calculation you can determine the exact electrical power of your connected devices. You will find the required device power on the device or in the operating instructions.

Rated current (amps) * voltage (volts) = power (watts)

Now you can add up the power of the connected devices and perform a check. If the resulting sum exceeds the maximum load capacity of the extension lead, overheating may occur. This can cause highly flammable materials to ignite and the surroundings to catch fire.

A extension lead allows you to connect numerous devices and is the optimal solution for any apartment with too few sockets. However, you should ensure that it is used safely and correctly.

Maximale Belastung einer Steckdosenleiste | brennenstuhl®

Maximale Belastung einer Steckdosenleiste | brennenstuhl®

Maximale Belastung einer Steckdosenleiste | brennenstuhl®