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brennenstuhl® 10-year smoke detector

Why trust the brennenstuhl® smoke detector?

When it comes to your safety, you want reliable products.
We present to you the 10 years brennenstuhl® smoke detector RM L 3100 in detail.

An unforeseeable danger

  • Around 600 people die annually in Germany from fires, the majority of them in private households.
  • In the event of a fire, on average only about 4 minutes remain for escape. After 2 minutes smoke poisoning can be fatal. Fire smoke is therefore possibly more dangerous than the actual fire.
  • Smoke is faster and quieter than fire. Fire smoke contains, among other things, CO, CO2 as well as hydrochloric acid and prussic acid vapours. These are produced by open fires and by burning or smouldering of your belongings. Even two to three deep breaths of the toxic smoke are deadly.
  • Burning smoke anaesthetizes in sleep and thus leads to unconsciousness. After only a few minutes the released gases reach life-threatening concentrations and lead to death by suffocation.
  • 35% of fires occur at night. This sounds like little at first, but 70% of fire deaths occur at night. This is precisely when protection by smoke alarms is needed. The loud alarm of a smoke detector warns you in time, even when you sleep!

What your life should be worth

Since the introduction of the obligation, smoke alarms must be installed in your home at least in bedrooms, children's rooms and corridors that serve as escape routes. But this is not the only reason why smoke detectors should be a fixed component in your household. As lifesavers, the devices protect you from deadly dangerous situations and ensure greater safety. 

The quality seal "Q" stands as a mark of quality for high-quality smoke detectors with tested durability and higher security against false alarms. It is determined by an independent testing institute accredited for the technical testing of smoke detectors.

10 years guarantee - The RM L 3100 smoke detector is supplied with a brennenstuhl® manufacturer's warranty. This speaks for a service life of 10 years.

The 10-year smoke detector and accessories from brennenstuhl®