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What is overvoltage protection and why is it so important?

Protection that is worth it

Is the internet not working anymore? Or is the television not switching on anymore after the storm? The consequent annoyance is great, whether you are working from home or want to relax and enjoy your evening off. Then there is the laborious clarification with the insurance company as to whether it will even pay for the damage. Overvoltage damage is not always covered by personal belongings or residential building insurance.

The solution is very simple: extension leads with overvoltage protection and an overvoltage protection adapter. Multiple extension leads with overvoltage protection can reduce voltage peaks so that the connected appliances are not damaged. Prevent damage to your electronic devices using overvoltage protection products!

Extension leads with surge protection

What are overvoltages?

Overvoltages are all voltages that temporarily surpass the threshold value of the mains voltage. However, overvoltages can not only occur in the 230 V (normal household power supply voltage) mains, but can also reach the connected devices via telephone or aerial cables. Overvoltages first hit the sensitive system parts. The tiny electronic circuits on circuit boards, motherboards, network adapters, etc. cannot cope with any additional current and voltage peaks. Without effective protection, the overvoltages destroy sensitive electronic components in the circuits of the connected appliances. Overvoltages can be caused, for example, by switching impulses of powerful engines, welding equipment or other large electric appliances. The most dangerous causes are very high voltage peaks caused by indirect lightning strikes. They mean the sure end of unprotected electric appliances. Power surges also get into the power supply in huge power strengths by means of indirect lightning strikes or reach computer systems, video equipment and HiFi equipment via the telephone and aerial cable and destroy these devices, which do not have appropriate protection.

Why is overvoltage protection so important?

Protection from overvoltages and electromagnetic current peaks can be achieved by using device protection products that are used between the power supply (socket) and the device. Protective elements, such as voltage-dependent resistors and gas discharge valves, are important components that ensure that dangerous overvoltages are earthed in split seconds, thus ensuring that the destructive high voltage cannot reach the protected devices. We use high-performance modules only, which can be combined into a large number of products. A well-thought-out selection of protection levels offers the right product for all needs. With a maximum amount of surge currents of up to 120,000 amperes, brennenstuhl® can offer absolute maximum performance.

  • Lightning strikes can lead to overvoltages in the power supply, which, in turn, can lead to connected electrical appliances such as coffee and food processors, televisions, internet routers and computers being damaged. In the summer months in particular, the danger of thunder and lightning is significantly higher than in the winter.
  • The number of expensive electronic devices in private households has risen sharply in the last few years. In addition, electric appliances are becoming ever smaller and more powerful; however, they thus also react more sensitively to overvoltages.
  • The subsequent financial damage and hassle is great when expensive electric appliances such as televisions, computers and food processors are damaged by lightning strikes and overvoltages. To prevent these overvoltages, overvoltage protection can reduce occurring voltage peaks to a level that is not dangerous for the terminal device.