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brennenstuhl®estilo corner extension lead for kitchen and work surfaces

The product line brennenstuhl®estilo stands out due to its modern design. The corner extension lead from brennenstuhl®estilo with its high-quality stainless steel surface for kitchen and office is not only a practical, but above all a visually striking table socket strip with 2x earthed sockets, 2x Euro sockets and 2x USB charging connections.

The extension cord for corners can be used in many ways, for example as a kitchen socket strip. Thanks to its special shape, it can be mounted horizontally in corners or vertically on the work surface on the wall. The multiple socket strip for the kitchen, office or other uses can be easily attached to work surfaces and walls using special adhesive pads. This means that no drilling is necessary for mounting.

The brennenstuhl®estilo corner socket strip is a stable kitchen socket outlet made of highly break-proof plastic and high-quality stainless steel surface with an innovative design.

brennenstuhl®estilo corner extension lead with stainless steel surface

The brennenstuhl®estilo corner extension lead is available in black or white. The high-quality stainless steel surface of the socket strip fits elegantly into modern kitchens and living rooms.