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Bremaxx Extension Cable

Extension Cable for Outdoor use

The ideal power source for assorted garden tasks.

Extension cables come in various lengths; the suitable cable length is dependent on the distance between the socket and the electrical device.

Fundamentally, the correct extension cable depends on its desired purpose.

With the Bremaxx extension cables, you get power exactly where it is needed: in a practical and uncomplicated way.


Versatile Bremaxx Extension CableReady for use in any weather

In the garden or outdoors generally, extension cables can come into contact with moisture, spray, UV light, and frost.

 This is why Bremaxx extension cables boast protection type IP 44, in order to be protected against solid foreign bodies and the splashing of water.

Thanks to the robust safety coupling with sealing cap, the cable can also be used in damp weather or during winter, as no moisture can get in.


Bremaxx Cable Quality Bremaxx Cable Quality

The odourless extension cable is relatively thick (customers can choose between a conductor cross-section of between 1.5 mm² and 2.5 mm²), yet flexible as regards its material, and stable when handled.

Additionally, Bremaxx extension cables are oil and UV-resistant, which means that they become neither hard nor brittle. What’s more, Bremaxx extension cables are robust, even in extreme working environments.


Resistant Extension CableMechanically Highly Resilient and Abrasion Resistant

The robust extension cable is perfectly suited for private, everyday use and can cope with any terrain – without discolouring. Whether on sharp edges or coarse surfaces, the extension cable is mechanically highly resilient and kink-resistant.

The Schuko plug and coupling are connected to the cable in a very stable manner, meaning that even the occasional heavy pull does not cause any damage to the extension cable.


Extension Cables in Signal Colours

Extension Cables in Signal Colours

An extension cable in bright orange or intense red is sensible when it comes to hedge cutting, mowing or trimming the lawn, as its visibility reduces the danger of cutting through the cable.

The extension cable is also ideally suited for being found quickly, as it can be recognised quickly against a lawn.



With the Bremaxx extension cable, you get power to go. No matter whether you want to place it on the ground, stick it in one place, or hang it up - just go for it.

Extension Cable for Permanent Outdoor Use

Oil-resistant. Mechanically very resilient. Cold-resistant down to -35 °C. Cable sheathing made from highly-flexible plastic.

The extension cable for permanent outdoor use can be left outdoors after working, during an extended absence, or otherwise, without any concerns.

Nominal voltage “07” = 450 / 750 V


Extension Cable for Short-Term Outdoor Use

Oil-resistant. Mechanically very resilient. Cold-resistant down to -35 °C. Cable sheathing made from highly-flexible plastic.

After use, the extension cable for short-term use outdoors should be stored in a place which is dry and protected from light once more.

Nominal voltage “05” = 300 / 500 V

Bremaxx extension cables for short-term outdoor use are available in cable lengths of 10 m, 15 m, 20 m, 25 m, and 50 m.

Extension Cable for Permanent Outdoor Use

Extension Cable for Short-Term Outdoor Use