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Mobile battery LED light – What functions does the light offer?

The advantages of battery-powered LED work light from brennenstuhl®

Flexibly usable LED work light for indoors and outdoors

It is annoying when one has to end work on a building site, in the house or in the garage when night falls due to a lack of power connections. Bring an end to this by using the battery-powered rechargeable LED work light from brennenstuhl®. A rechargeable LED floodlight is guaranteed to make your work easier for you, whether in the house, in the workshop or outdoors, such as in the garden.

  • The brennenstuhl® battery-powered work lights with LED lamps from renowned manufacturers provide perfect working light at every angle.
  • Most battery-powered LED spotlights are also dimmable, the brightness can often be adjusted.
  • Thanks to state-of-the-art battery technology, one benefits from a long lifespan and low self-discharge.
  • If you want to know whether and when the rechargeable spotlight is losing power, you can easily tell by looking at the battery status indicator, which can be found on the rear of the floodlight. The battery is charged either by adapter or via USB. 
  • LED rechargeable battery via USB often is also ideal as powerbank or mobile charging station for mobile devices, smartphones or tablets that are charged via USB.
  • Because the rechargeable floodlights are not tied to a cable and thanks to the ability to fold up the frame, you can use the work lights flexibly.
  • Or you can mount the rechargeable LED spotlight on a suitable brennenstuhl® stand and create an even better lighting situation.

Battery-powered LED worklights by brennenstuhl® with USB powerbank function

LED worklight with rechargeable battery - charging via adapter, without USB power bank