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LED floodlight with app control: TORAN

Robust LED construction floodlight with app function

Toran is the construction floodlight with app control for every construction site, every do-it-yourselfer and craftsman or even painters and varnishers. Via the app and with the help of a Bluetooth connection, the light intensity can be controlled and other functions of the floodlight can be determined. The app is available free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

All LED floodlights of the series have the app function via Bluetooth. The construction spotlights can be mounted on brennenstuhl® stands. The different versions of the three Toran spotlights differ in the following features:

The classic one: Mobile LED floodlight TORAN 3000 MB

  • 5 meter cable
  • Lumen: 3000 lm
  • Protection class IP55

With battery & powerbank: Mobile LED floodlight TORAN 4000 MBA

  • Integrated Li-Ion battery
  • Powerbank Function
  • Lumen: 3800 lm
  • Protection class IP55 

With additional socket: Mobile LED floodlight TORAN 5000 MB

  • 5 meter cable
  • Lumen: 5000 lm
  • splash-proof socket outlet with self-closing cover
  • Protection class IP54 

The functions of the construction floodlight

Regulation of the luminosity

The luminosity can be controlled directly at the floodlight or via app. At the floodlicht directly, you can vary between three light intensities by pressing the on/off switch several times. If the switch is held down, the light intensity changes continuously stronger or weaker.

This function can also be controlled via app. The LED floodlight can be infinitely dimmed and adjusted for special lighting situations.

Individual time control

The time control of the app offers the countdown and timer function. For example, you can set a countdown and automatically switch the site light on or off.

The timer function allows the lamp to be switched on automatically at certain times. For example, at individually adjusted times or weekdays.

Common control of the site lights

In order to operate several floodlights faster and easier, they can be grouped together via the app and thus controlled together. This is especially helpful for extensive construction sites, as everything is controlled via a smartphone. The usual functions such as adjusting the luminosity and time control can still be used.