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LED floodlight with 360° illumination

For many jobs in the skilled craft the illumination of the working environment is absolutely essential. But not only the brightness plays a role. To illuminate an entire area, either several work lights or an all-round lighting work light with a 360° beam angle is required.

This is very helpful, especially when standing on a ladder or scaffolding. No matter how such an LED work light is positioned, it creates ideal room illumination thanks to its 360° beam angle.

The brennenstuhl® professionalLINE 360° LED construction work light ORUM offers exactly this solution and creates a perfect, glare-free room illumination. Ideally positioned in the room, ORUM reliably produces very good illumination with a light output of 4000 lm or 8000 lm. Due to the 360 degree all-round illumination of the surroundings, it is not necessary to turn or tilt the work light. Whether in closed rooms, halls, construction sites or outdoors, the 360 degree construction work light is placed on the floor or mounted on a tripod to fully illuminate the respective working environment. On a brennenstuhl® tripod, the portable ORUM can be mounted upright, or in a double on the brennenstuhl® crossbar, mounted upside down or suspended.

The additional socket allows cascading of several ORUMs up to the maximum allowed power. The powerful and professional ORUM LED site light with all-round radiation profile allows for a large-area and daylight white illumination of the surroundings with a colour temperature of 6500 Kelvin. The construction work light with IP protection class IP54 and oil-resistant, 5-metre long cable is also suitable for permanent outdoor use. Due to its impact and break-proof plastic housing, it can be used without any problems even in harsh working conditions.

brennenstuhl® professionalLINE 360 Grad Ausleuchtung Baustrahler ORUM

The advantages of the 360 degree LED site light ORUM

Glare-free all-round lighting

With its 360° beam angle, ORUM creates a uniform illumination. The homogeneous, low-shadow light with reduced glare is perfect for work in the trade, such as painting, tiling or similar activities that need to take place in well-lit surroundings.

Use on building sites

The 360° LED work light is suitable for use on construction sites. It corresponds to protection class I, is shock-resistant according to IK08 and dust and splash-proof according to protection class IP54. The 5m long cable corresponds to type H07RN-F 3G1,5.

Easy installation and trouble-free transport

The site light can be easily transported by the surrounding carrying handle. The cable is stowed away by the cable winder. A simple and quick assembly on a tripod is no problem with ORUM. For example, it fits on the brennenstuhl® tripods individually or in pairs. The suspension hook on the underside also makes it easy to attach it to scaffolding.